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American Indian Movement Support Group of New Jersey
"AIM is first,a spiritual movement, a religious re-birth, and then the re-birth of dignity and pride in a people..." Birgil Kills Straight, Oglala Lakota Nation Sept.27, 1993

Genocide in New Jersey State Public Schools

The American Indian Movement Support Group of New Jersey is currently running a campaign to stop stereo-typing and racism in New Jersey State Public schools.

Racism in public schools across the country has become acceptable when pointed towards Native Americans. Think about the schools in your area, do they condone "re-enacting" the fable of Thanksgiving? Do they dress children up in Indian Headdresses? Does the school have a mascot that is an Indian? If you answered yes to any of those questions your local school is contributing to the oppression that Native American children have to deal with.

Every child needs to have a safe learning environment; one that is free from damaging blows to their self esteem. Unfortunately, they are forced to participate in mocking their sacred items, such as the Eagle Feather, they are forced to dishonor their ancestors, the ones who were massacred at the first Thanksgiving.

The definition of genocide is simple. It is the deliberate and systematic destruction of a racial, political, or cultural group. GENOCIDE is alive today in public schools across this country.

Please take the time to look at the links below and read the speeches that were given before the New Jersey State Board of Education. Then take the time to send a letter out to the state board of education here in New Jersey for our Indigenous children of this state at the following address: State Of New Jersey Department of Education Mr. Robert Woodruff CN500 Trenton, New Jersey 08625

February 18, 1998 Speech before the New Jersey State Board of Education

May 20, 1998 Speech before The New Jersey State Board of Education

Seven Creeds Society Questions for State Boards of Education

A listing of all schools in the state of New Jersey using Native American mascots.

End Racial Bigotry NOW! It includes a listing by state of all schools with Native American Mascots.

American Indian Sports Team Mascots (an excellent site including a page on the psychological impact of Native American Mascots on children.)

Please Join us in our Campaign to Stop Racial Stereo-types in public schools across the United States

Recently, we have begun an endevor to contact companies who supply paraphernalia to schools with Indians on them and Indian mascot costumes.

We would like to commend the Wincraft Corporation for stopping the distribution of their Native American Mascot costume.

Our focus now is on the Stumps company. We are concerned with Mascot designs #544 and #678. #544 is a mascot logo with a full Indian Headress, the man in the headdress is looking to the side. Logo #678 is similair to the Cleveland Indians. It is a cartoon character Indian with a pointy chin, a toothy grin, a hook nose, braids, a headband and one eagle feather.

We ask that you contact this corporation and tell them that you are recomending to your local schools, PTA's and school boards, etc... that they no longer do business with any of the Stump affliations until they get rid of their racist mascot logos: #544 and #678.

You can contact the Stumps corporation at: 1-800-348-5084 or e-mail it to : or fax your concerns to 1-219-723-6976. Snail mail is as follows: One Party Place, PO BOX 305 South Whitley In. 46787-0305 Thank you for taking the time to help some children from this country maintain their pride and self esteem.

Help the AIM AZ Youth group receive a New van for transportation.

We are currently collecting the following labels to help the AIM Az youth group acquire a new van for transportation.

Campbell's soup, Campbell's beans, Vlasic, Franco American, Swanson Frozen, PREGO, and Peperidge Farm.

If you feel you can help the AIM Az youth by donating the labels to any of the above products we would be grateful. Please e-mail us and we can provide you the specifics and address to mail the labels to. Thank you in advance for helping!

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