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3 Against 1

December 28th, 1996 - August, 2000

Hey guys, I'm very sad to report that 3 Against 1 is breaking up. This is as upsetting to me as it may be for some of you. 3 Against 1 was a very big part of my life. But this is something I had to do. Times change and ultimately, so do people. Unfortunately, not everyone feels the undying love for punk and hardcore that some of us do. One of the things I always loved about this music was the very real, straight forwardness to it. Sure there are plenty of bands out there that play halfhearted hardcore/punk, but I refuse to do that. However, we will be playing one last show sometime in late August. I'll keep everyone posted when I get all the details. Thank you all for all the support and help, you'll never know how much it means to us. Don't forget us, we wont forget you. -----Andy


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