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The Lenni Lenape Indians inhabited the Galloway Township area about a century ago. They lived off the bountiful land in the region, surviving on fish from the nearby sea and vegetables that they grew. By and large, they were farmers.

One of the most important tools to the Lenni braves was his burro, or donkey. (They called it an ass) The burro was implemented to clear the farm land, pull the plow that tilled the farm land, and during harvest season haul heavy baskets of fresh produce out of the fields.

Commonly, the loud braying of these beasts could be heard echoing the country side, as they were stubborn animals by nature and did not want to do any chores. The most headstrong, and self willed burros who acted up quite frequently soon came to be known as bad asses., They would literally sit down in the fields and refuse to budge another inch, all the while bleating at the top of their lungs. The Braves, reluctant to strike the animal, would invariably remedy the situation by giving the ass a good swift kick. This would commonly get the beast up on all fours and ready to continue his work, as he was greatly depended upon.

So, in praise of the beast that pulled the Braves through many a hard day, despite an occasional "kicking", an award has been named in his honor—The "Bad Ass Award".

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