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F-15 Build Page

Last Updated: 9/5

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Contents of Page:


I.Starting your Mission

Starting you mission is the most important part of the mission in my oppinion. Sometimes it is hard for people to just think of ideas for missions and I hope that this page will help people make their ideas a reality. Also when you have an idea for a mission you should make sure that it is fun to fly but that it also has a good story line so you just are not flying around with no real point to your mission.

II. Placing Objects

Placing Objects such as buildings or airports can be an important part of the mission or just fun to look at on the way through your waypoints. In your mission you should put some SAM and AAA sites to make it more challenging for the player. Also depending on the object that you make you might want to add more detail(ex. If you place an airport that is an important part of the mission then you may want to place parked airplanes and vehicles that might really be at a military or comercial airport). Just have fun with what you place in your mission and the player will have fun.

III. Adding Aircraft

When airplanes are added to the mission you should make sure not to make the mission too hard or too easy. If you are going to put tankers and SAR helichopters in the mission make sure to keep the tankers away from enemy planes so they don't get shot down. Also when you make a SAR helo you should make the search range about 100 so that they will find the friendly planes if they go down. Another thing that you could do is make escort for SAR or your planes or any other planes for that matter.(to do this place an plane or helo that is going to be the escort and place waypoints for that object, at the last waypoint set the action to escort and then click the plane or object that, plane(s) are going to escort and then you are done.

IV. Briefing

This is the part of your mission where you start to tell your story to the player. If you can't get them interested in the mission here they might not even play the mission and the point of you making your mission is to get the person to play the entire mission and when it is over they want to play it again. Even if the mission itself isn't the most exciting thing they might play again and again just to find out different endings of the mission if they do different things and I will go over that in the next section.
V. Debriefing
Debriefing is an important part of the mission becase this is when the player gets his/her "Reward". When the player finishes the mission they want to know what happened in the entire mission. For example they want to know how they did, how the enemy reacted, how the U.S. reacted and how the rest of their flight did. But if you really want to give them a hard time don't let them cheat so use the cheat variables on the Debrief screen.
VI. Groups
Placing groups in a mission is not something that you have to do but in some situations they could be very helpful and fun. For example if you make a mission where you have to escort a 707 carrying U.S. officials, some things that you could do here for example are make a group of planes. You could name the group interceptors if you want and make 2 packages. In one package you could put Mig 29's and in another Su-27's. If you put the percentage of the Migs to 30 and the Su-27 to 60 then there is a better chance of the Su-27's appearing but both planes will not appear. You could also put the planes in different places for example you could put the Su-27 10 nautical miles and the Mig's 40 nautical miles and that would mean if the Su-27's show up they will probably be more of a threat than the Mig's would if they showed up. Once you have made the groups by clicking the group button place the objects that you have in the group on the map. When you do this a screen will come up where you can add numbers of planes, etc, but for now we will just put these planes in a group through the group drop down box. Also think of how much of a threat you want the different planes to be if they show up by arming them differently and changing the number of each king of plane in this case. YOU CAN MAKE GROUPS OUT OF ANYTHING(PLANES, BOATS, HELOS, ETC.)

VII. Goals

Goals can be a very important part of the mission that you are making. This is because you can use goals to tell the player what happened in the mission. Goals can be placed on all objects in the game such as boats, vehicles, planes or buildings. When you add a goal to something you have to decide if you want that object to survive or be destroyed with two goal options when you place a goal and they are "must survive" and "must destroy". You can use these to tell the player what happened in the mission by using them in the debriefing section just by selecting it and then selecting "true" or "false"depending if the object was or wasn't destroyed. Also when you make goals you should give them names so that you will know what they are later on in the mission design.


Also please send any comments of suggestions to me through the email at the bottom of the page. Thanks

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