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Classical Music (listed in order it was composed)

funny rant about how pop music copies Pachelbel’s Canon
Pachelbel’s Canon wrecked by comedy group PAgagNINI
sexy electric violinist Vanessa Mae plays baroque music
jokers play Mozart’s Turkish march but keep changing the key
Yuja Wang plays jazzed-up version of Mozart's Turkish march
Beethoven’s 5th symphony, illustrated with colored blocks
Beethoven’s 5th symphony, played as a football game
Beethoven’s “Emperor” concerto, performed by Zimerman & Bernstein
pianist Horowitz plays Chopin ballade, while you see the score
pianist Horowitz gets interviewed by 60 Minutes
pianists play both halves of Chopin’s waltz simultaneously
Cat Concerto: cat and mouse play Liszt Hungarian Rhapsody #2
Lang Lang (inspired by Cat Concerto) plays Liszt seriously
pianist Borge fights for a seat while playing Liszt
pianist Borge fights a soprano singing Verdi’s opera Rigoletto
Offenbach's can-can teaches chemistry
5 music teachers from 5 countries play Dvorak’s 2nd piano quintet
Rachmaninoff’s 2nd piano concerto, while you see the score
using wooden blocks to imitate Rachmaninoff’s big hands
André Rieu joyously plays Shostakovich’s second waltz
frenzied musicians play Shostakovich's Piano Quintet

Popular Music

song that made Pomplamoose a famous 2-person band
Pomplamoose's creative version of 'Sound of Music' song
Pomplamoose’s creative version of Edith Piaf’s French song
French woman jealous when her boyfriend’s ex-lover visits
Bad Romance: Lady Gaga’s song about destructive love (rated R)
parody of Lady Gaga’s 'Bad Romance,' sung by pasta
I Will Survive: Gloria Raynor sings about being ditched by a guy
a turkey imitates Gloria Raynor to survive Thanksgiving
Beat It: Michael Jackson’s video about avoiding fights
Weird Al Yankovic’s scene-by-scene parody of 'Beat It'
Weird Al Yankovic’s parody of Beach Boys style
Spike Jones & his gang celebrate the end of Prohibition
Katy Perry, as a teenage girl freaked out about her wild party
while nude & getting painted, couple sings about breakup
Korean guy goes wild in super-stylish Gangnam district
song from 1984, when 'guns in school' were just fun fantasy
the elderly reinterpret The Who’s 'My Generation'
'Jingle Bells' sung by a split personality
hey, kids, watch this fun video while mommy slits her throat
national anthem backwards, so 'brave' sounds like 'vayrb'
on censored Russian TV, singer hides cowboy song’s words
remember 2004's election
Jesus would buy American


tale of a man who gets free lunches by dating
a boy & girl eye each other and hope to date but never talk
alas, a relationship goes through 6 stages then breaks up
ballet through a Brazilian slum
mom is not quite right and going downhill
turn a hand grenade into guacamole
jump into a moving car, and beyond, using Vines videos
make a woman look artificially beautiful
nervous dentist screws up (Carol Burnett Show)
slow cook tortures customer in a rush (Carol Burnett Show)
Robin Williams attends funeral twice (Carol Burnett Show)
why “gracias” means “sit down” (Burns & Allen Show)
beautiful secretary is just a desk (Burns & Allen Show)
famous actresses get too old to fuck (rated R) (Amy Shumer)
magic: turn a hand grenade into guacamole
magic: Zach King jumps into a moving car, and beyond