Get a Tutor

We can tutor you in hundreds of subjects, such as:

math at all levels (elementary school, pre-algebra, algebra, geometry, trig, calculus, college, grad school)
English (reading, writing, speaking, listening, spelling, grammar, journalism, editing)
computers (Windows, Office, Internet, programming, repairs, etc.)

We'll help you accomplish these tasks:

finish your homework on time and well
cram for tests (such as SAT) required for schools, jobs, and certification
edit your writing to make it publishable (by improving its ideas, structure, English, and style)
translate your writing into English, Chinese, and other languages
speak different languages (such as English, Chinese, and French)
improve your speaking style for public speaking, teaching, and job interviews
improve your résumé to emphasize your best points correctly
play piano and digital keyboards

We can also provide counseling to help you through a tough day or personal hassle.

Who's your tutor?

Your tutor will typically be Russ Walter. He's a certified teacher with a Master of Arts in Teaching from Harvard University, further training from many other universities, and many years of experience: he's a renowned math teacher, math researcher, computer professor, book publisher, English teacher, French trainer, nutrition researcher, business consultant, pianist, composer, and trainer of teachers. He wrote all 33 editions of The Secret Guide to Computers and most of Tricky Living; you can get those books at

For certain specialized topics (such as Chinese), your tutor will be Donna Walter instead. She's a certified teacher with many years of experience as a teacher, translator, businesswoman, and consultant. She also wrote "Donna's comments" in Tricky Living.

How to chat

Chat with your tutor however you wish. You can meet your tutor in person (at your home or company or our studio), or chat with your tutor electronically (by phone or e-mail or fax), or swap documents with your tutor by traditional mail, or use any combo of those techniques!

Low price or free

Russ gives quick help for free, as explained at The free help is usually restricted to short sessions (about 7 minutes each), but you can have many short sessions. For longer sessions, he charges $25 per hour; stay as long as you wish. Your friends can accompany you at no extra charge: split the $25-per-hour cost. If you're nice, he'll give you some extra time & materials, free.

Donna costs slightly more than Russ; phone for details.

We're in Manchester, New Hampshire. If you come here or communicate electronically, no problem! If you want Russ to travel to your place and you're more than 20 minutes away, he must charge you a transportation fee.

If you're in the U.S. and want tutoring by phone, we'll pay for the phone call: your tutor will phone you, free.

How to make it all happen

For our fastest, best service, phone us at 603-666-6644 now. You can phone day or night, we're usually in. Tell us what you want to learn, and we'll tell you how to master your goal cheaply or free.

If you can't phone, send an e-mail to, but e-mail is less efficient than the phone: we'll reply if time permits.

What Craig's List said

Here's a copy of the posting about us on Craig's List....

We offer New Hampshire's top-rated tutors at the lowest prices. Our official rate is $25 per hour but we often do favors, providing some help for free. Students switch to us from other tutors because we train the fastest and charge the least. Call us for immediate in-person help on homework assignments, quizzes, tests, national exams (such as the SAT), and developing skills to enhance careers and amaze friends.

We tutor many subjects. Ask us! Our most popular subjects are:

math (pre-algebra, algebra, geometry, finite math, calculus, and beyond)
test prep (SAT, ACT, GRE, GMAT, and other standardized tests)
English (reading, writing, editing, and speaking without a foreign accent)
computer skills (Windows, Microsoft Office, repairs, programming, and beyond)
Chinese (speaking Mandarin with correct tones, using pinyin, and writing characters)

Our tutors are Russ & Donna Walter.

About Russ Walter

He got a perfect 800 on the math SAT, an A.B. in math from Dartmouth College, an M.A.T. in math education from Harvard University, and certifications from New Hampshire. He's taught math & computers in public & prep schools (all levels) and universities, where he's run math & computer departments for many years. He's been praised by The New York Times, Boston Globe, Wall Street Journal, Scientific American, PC World, and hundreds of other periodicals for being the top teacher & writer. He's trained hundreds of other teachers. He wrote all 33 editions of the top-rated computer book ("The Secret Guide to Computers") and top-rated life book ("Tricky Living"), which reveals tricks to master math, English composition, and life's other challenges. He's turned F students into A students, taught math champions & computer celebrities, and trained adults to master missed skills. His students are amazed and thank him because they've learned so much even in the first hour with him. He doesn't waste time: he patches your weak spots fast and shows you tricks other teachers don't know. He can quickly turn your life around.

About Donna Walter

She grew up in China, where her name is "Tang, Guang Chun". Certified by the Chinese government, she's taught Chinese in China & the U.S. She wrote the best texts for learning conversational Chinese. She's taught students of all ages, including executives & engineers doing business in China, tourists to China, artists studying Chinese characters, Asian-American kids, and American martial-arts teachers. Students who studied Chinese elsewhere have switched to her because she trains students fastest, at lowest cost, and her students giggle at her funny candid insights into Chinese thought. She'll customize your private lesson to your own personal interests.

Low cost

For private 1-to-1 tutoring, we charge $25 per hour but often give extra time and materials, free. Our special teaching techniques work miracles fast, so you spend less time and fewer bucks than with other tutors. Your friends and relatives can sit in with you, at little or no cost.

Flexible schedule & payments

Your lesson lasts as long as you wish, according to your mood at the moment: you decide when you're done. Pay just at the lesson's end, just if you were satisfied. If you cancel a lesson, you don't pay. If you need immediate help for tomorrow's test, phone us and we'll be right there: we adjust to your emergencies. We're easier to deal with than the other tutors (who typically charge charge twice as much per hour, force you into a group session, make you commit to a fixed schedule, charge you to diagnose your weaknesses, make you pay up front, prohibit you from phoning the tutor for more help, and hold you to a contract). Save yourself grief: phone us at 603-666-6644.

Free service

Russ gives quick help by phone, FREE, anytime, as a public service, even if you're not a paying student. He's answered many thousands of calls, free, from all over the world. Call whenever you're stuck and want free help.

Come here or have us visit you

Our Manchester studio is easy to reach: just 1 mile from Route 93's exit 8, or 1 mile from Route 101's exit 1. If you wish, Russ can come to you, no matter where you are: phone us to compute the travel fee (which is zero if you're less than 20 minutes away). Donna can occasionally travel also, though her schedule is tighter.


For more info, phone us at 603-666-6644, day or night, for free quick phone help and then, if you wish, get in-person face-to-face tutoring.