Contoocook Covered Bridge Restaurant
We're permanently closed, because our lease is ending.
Our last day for serving food & drinks was Friday, January 7, 2022.

If you wish to contact us, call the owner's cell phone (603-666-6644, 24 hours).
If you have an unused customer gift card, we'll give you a refund. Call 603-666-6644.

We were at 16 Cedar Street (Floor 1), Contoocook NH 03229.

For history buffs, here are photos from back in 2015:

The bridge, Live music in the lounge, Chicken strips, Dick's teriyaki wings:

Japanese steak salad, Bridge bistro salad, Black & bleu sirloin tips, Au jus sirloin tips:

Dijon salmon, Filet mignon, Seared scallops:

Baked wild haddock, Chicken Parmesan, Sweet Italian sausage marinara, Chicken broccoli Alfredo:

Shrimp scampi, Garlic chicken nachos, Quesadilla, Hong Kong triple lo mein, Orange chicken:

Burger, Reuben sandwich, Chicken Caesar wrap with onion rings, Shaved-steak dip:

Buffalo wings, Sundae, Coconut chicken strips, Beef taquitos:

Buffalo chicken-tender salad, BBQ pork ribs, Bruschetta chicken, Beef enchiladas, Fried-clam sub: