Mega-chapters from the 'Secret Guide to Computers & Tricky Living'

Here are all 7 mega-chapters (and the cover) from the 'Secret Guide to Computers & Tricky Living' (newest edition, the 34th), each as a PDF file.

The printed book is easier to read than these PDFs. To get the printed book cheaply, phone 603-666-6644 day or night, 24 hours (we're usually in), or use the other methods described at

Click on the chapter you want:

(the book's front cover, back cover, and spine)

(how to buy computers, tablets, phones, software, and this book)

(how to handle Windows 10&11, the Web, email, and fixes)

(how to use tablets&phones by Samsung, other Androids, and the iPad)

Tricky Living
(all non-computer topics, 252 pages, 17 megabytes)

Microsoft Office
(how to use Word, Excel, and PowerPoint)

(how to program in Basic, Python, HTML, JavaScript, and other popular languages)

(computer past, your future, and resources)