Chapters from 'The Secret Guide to Computers'

Here are 24 chapters from 'The Secret Guide to Computers,' 29th edition. (To switch to the 34th edition, click here.)

The printed book contains about twice as many chapters (41 chapters!) and is easier to read (because it's laid out more beautifully and contains more graphics & symbols). To get the printed book cheaply, phone 603-666-6644 day or night, 24 hours (we're usually in), or use the other methods described at

But here's a taste....

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How to buy computer stuff wisely
Kinds of chips
Tech jargon for monitors, printers, other I/O
Kinds of software and which to buy
Which computers to buy
How to use Windows 3.1, 95, 98, Me, and XP
How to use a Mac
How to use Linux
How to use a Palm computer
How to use the Internet's Web
How to use e-mail
How to use Microsoft Word
Tricks to handle maintenance
Tricks to handle repairs
How the famous viruses work
How to handle spreadsheets
How to handle databases
How to create Web pages (HTML, etc.)
How to program in Visual Basic (wait for download)
How to program in JavaScript and JScript
How to program in Java
How to program in C and C++
How computer languages arose
The computer industry's strange past