Topics from 'Tricky Living'

Here are 24 topics from 'Tricky Living,' first edition. (To switch to the 33rd edition of 'Secret Guide to Computers & Tricky Living,' click here.)

The printed book contains over about 3 times as many topics (65 topics!) and is easier to read (because it's laid out more beautifully). To get the printed book cheaply, phone 603-666-6644 day or night, 24 hours (we're usually in), or use the other methods described at

But here's a taste....

Click on the topic you want:

A scientific explanation of blood cholesterol
Eating fiber, soluble & insoluble
How to avoid toxins
How to get thin
How to eat enough micronutrients
How to take care of your lawn
How to deal with your career
Inside comments about politics
Inside comments about war
How to deal with professorships
Psychological tricks
Inside comments about mathematicians
How to create beautiful music
Best movies, worst movie cliches
How to become a great writer
New Hampshire's crazy freedom
Vermont's cynical farmers
The truth about Boston
How to have a Southern accent
How to act Chinese
A twisted look at prejudice
How to act Jewish
China-US differences (written by Donna)
How China's changed (written by Donna)