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Formerly: Riverside Park, Riverside the Great Escape.

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Riverside Park.

: Riverside opened and operates as a trolley park.

Riverside closes during the Great Depression.

1940: purchased and reopened
1941: Thunderbolt Roller Coaster is constructed. A wooden figure eight/oval 70' high with a 2,600 foot run.
1974: Wildcat Steel Schwarzkopf Roller Coaster is constructed.
1977: Black Widow Arrow Shuttle Loop Roller Coaster is constructed. Black Widow is removed in 1999.
1983: Cyclone Roller Coaster is constructed. Designed by the late William Cobb, Cyclone is a wooden twister 110' high with a 3400 foot run. Wildcat Roller Coaster is removed and sold to Rocky Point Amusement Park.

Premier Parks purchased Riverside Park in 1996.

Additions for
1997- The $10 Million Vekoma Inverted Coaster
Minderaser, Twister, (Huss Top Spin), 1st of its kind Timewarp, Shipwreck Falls, and for a short time a Chance Chaos, .

Additions for
1998- The Water Park
Island Kingdom, The 20 Story Freefall ride Hellevator (S&S Turbo Drop), a Huss Break Dance, return of Chaos.

Additions for
Blizzard River (White River Rapids), Double Trouble (Chance Double Inverter), Kontiki (Flying Bobs), Family Tea Cups, and a new section named Crackaxle Canyon featuring Houdini-The Great Escape (Vekoma Mad House), Tomahawk (Huss Frisbee), Rodeo (Huss Break Dance), and Stampede Bumper Cars. Additions for the water park were Shark Attack (Water Slides), and Hurricane Bay.

December 8, 1999, Riverside Park became Six Flags New England.

Additions for
2000 : a 12 acre themed area known as DC SuperHero Adventures . The area features
Superman-Ride of Steel , an extreme steel hyper coaster 208 feet tall, with a first drop into a tunnel 13 feet underground, at speeds upwards of 70 miles per hour. Also featured at Superhero Adventures the family-oriented rollercoaster Poison Ivy's Tangled Train . A twisted dark ride through the world of the villain, The Joker named Joker's Wild Card (an indoor Chance Wipeout). A new outdoor amphitheater for the Batman Thrill Spectucular. A stunt show featuring Batman, Vicki Vale and the Joker with daredevil stunts, special effects and fireworks! .
Two new towers were added to the Hellevator. These towers shoot people 20 stories into the air. The new version of the Hellevator is known as
Scream . A new thrill ride from Huss known as Night Wing . A steel forward and backwards Boomerang Rollercoaster Flashback. Cyclone received P.T.C. 4 seater trains and a new paint job.

2001- Tiny Timber Town Kid's area was added. The new area included 5 new rides.

2002: Batman - The Dark Knight. Designed by Bolliger & Mabillard, the coaster stands 117-feet high with over 2,600 feet of track, the coaster reaches speeds of 55 m.p.h. through five inversions that include high speed banked turns, a dive loop and interlocked corkscrews.

: Water park is expanded and renamed Hurricane Harbor. Water rides added- Tornado prototype ride. Monsoon Lagoon wave pool. 9 new water slides.

2005: MR. SIX'S PANDEMONIUM , a spinning Roller Coaster, and Typhoon Water Coaster added.

2006: Additions: Catapult, Splash Water Falls. Formerly Swat and Diablo Falls from Defunct Six Flags Astroworld.
Characters added to greet guests: Batman, Robin, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern and The Flash. Rides removed Collosus, Log Ride, and Chaos.
2007: Addition of Wiggle's World and Thomas Town themed kids areas. Rides removed-Double Trouble and Rodeo.
2008: The Darknight roller coaster arrives but not built due to Agawam height restrictions. Stunt Show arena is removed. Rides removed-Timewarp, and Night Wing.
2009:Superman is transformed into Bizarro. Jokers Wild Card returns on the old Nightwing site, and an up charge Slingshot is added.
Wild Mouse coaster named Gotham City Gauntlet is added in the DC Heroes area.  The coaster was relocated from Kentucky Kingdom.   Wiggles World is renamed.  Thomas Town is closed for the season.
A giant inverted boomerang named Goliath is added. The coaster was relocated from Magic Mountain.  Shipwreck falls is removed for new coaster.
6 new water slides known as Bonzai Pipelines are added.  Thomas Town reopens with new name of Whistle Stop Park.
Worlds tallest Sky Screamer is added to the park. New England Sky Screamer.   The ride is over 400'.

2015:  Cyclone is transformed
into Wicked Cyclone by Rocky Mountain Coasters.  Wicked Cyclone features the world's first 200 degree stall. 78 degree first drop, 120 degree overbanked turn, and 2 zero g rolls.  3,320 feet of track at 55 mph.  
New England Sky Way is removed.

Bizarro is transformed into Superman the Ride Virtual Reality Coaster.
A Larson's Giant Loop is added named Fireball.
The Joker 4d coaster is added. Minder Eraser is transformed to
Galactic Attack Virtual Reality Coaster.  VR is removed from Superman The Ride.               
2018:  Harley Quinn Spinsanity is added.  A 150' pendulam ride that spins 40 riders 70 mph while plummeting 15 stories. 
2019: CYBORG™ is launched,  a new indoor spinning dark ride.

2021: SUPERGIRL Sky Flyer opens.  A Zamperla Endeavor that can hold 48 pasengers spinning at 14 rpm with 3 g's.

2022:  Golaith is removed. 

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