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Six Flags New England
Canobie Lake Park Salem N.H.
Six Flags Great Adventure- Jackson N.J.
Great Escape- Lake George N.Y.
Six Flags America
Hershey Park
Funtown-Saco Maine
Lake Compounce-Bristol Connecticut
Whalom Park
Mountain Park
New England Scuba Diving

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Busch Gardens Williamsburgh
Ultimate Rollercoaster
Roller Coaster Database
Point Buzz- Guide to Cedar Point
Paramount's Kings Dominion

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Welcome to Scuba and Rollercoasters


Certified Open water 1996. 312 dives logged all in New England Rivers, Lakes and Oceans. Proud Member of Brattleboro Vt. Fire Dept. Dive team and member of Monadnock Divers Club since 1996
Favorite dive site: Nubble Lighthouse York Maine.

New England Scuba Diving

Roller Coasters

Coaster Count: 73

Top Ten Wooden Coasters:

  1. The Beast- Paramount's Kings Island
  2. Ligntning Racer - Hershey Park
  3. Boulder Dash - Lake Compounce Bristol Conn.
  4. Son of Beast- Paramount's Kings Island
  5. Comet-Great Escape Lake George N.Y.
  6. Excalibur - Funtown Saco Maine
  7. Roar- Six Flags America
  8. Cyclone- Six Flags New England
  9. Wildcat- Hershey Park
    - Paramount's Kings Dominion

    Top Ten Steel

    1. Alpengeist – Busch Gardens Williamsburg
    2. Superman Ride of Steel- Six Flags New England
    3. Nitro- Six Flags Great Adventure
    4. Millennium Force- Cedar Point
    5. Top Thrill Dragster- Cedar Point
    6. Medusa- Six Flags Great Adventure
    7. Great Bear- Hershey Park
    8. Mantis – Cedar Point
    9. Flight of Fear- Paramount’s Kings Dominion
    10. Anaconda – Paramount’s Kings Dominion

1st Roller Coaster Wooden Coaster Salisbury Beach Ma.

1st Roller Coaster for my Son and Daughter Flyer Comet - Whalom Park Lunenburg, MA.