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Tammy's Guidelines Page

#1 - All personal, identifying information and e-mail addresses will be kept off line unless specifically requested.

#2 - Your information should be posted within 21 days of registration.

#3 - If you need to change your information, make additions, deletions, or to remove your post from this website, use the Change form or send us an e-mail.

#4 - IF you think you have a match, please use the Match form or send us an e-mail. Your request for assistance will be handled as quickly as possible.

!!Please keep your e-mail address current!!

In the event we may have a match and cannot contact you via email, we will forward your information to the inquiring party!

*Attention AOL users*
If you have your e-mail set to not accept mail from non-aol members
or other unknown e-mail addresses, I will NOT be able to contact you!
Please be aware of this! If you are currently waiting for me to
respond to you, and I have NOT, be aware that this may be the problem!