About Pilgrim Paws

----- Pilgrim Paws was founded over 10 years ago by Leah Camire. Located in Nashua, N.H. we specialize in Classic Tabby American Shorthair Cats.

----- In the beginning, we started breeding with a Cameo Male called Ketchakats Pink Panther and a Female called Hara's and Jill. We still have one of the original offspring, Mr. Nashua, that appears on the friends page. Genetically flawed eye color and fir type kept us from continuing this line.

----- We acquired a breeding female, Lynzkatz' Lady Bug, a silver patched female and with the help of Linda Bartley at Lynzkatz and Chemicats The Right Stuff we started our line. Do to the distances involved, we started working with another local breeder, Barbara Musick. Her lines paralleled the East Coast American lines that came from a long line of National Winners from the '70s and up. These lines produced Harvey (Pilgrim Paws Bristail Cream). He was probably the best Cameo Tabby to surface in many years. The same lines produced Music Major of Pilgrim Paws. Not only is his color and pattern of the best design but he has a wonderful show attitude.

----- Recently, one of the offspring of Highlander, Pilgrim Paws Numega, has been doing very well at the shows as a kitten. She is a Brown Patched Tabby with great ring savy. She will be shown in multiple federations along with another silver female named Pilgrim Paws Majorette. Majorette is Major's daughter.

----- My name is Roger. I am the Webmaster here at Pilgrim Paws and handle the Website for Leah as well as other cattery projects. I also write Cat Software for both Federations and end users. I hope you enjoy the site! I try to keep it simple and as user friendly as possible. I try to keep the updates current as time permits.

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