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TM-Backpain.JPG (10291 bytes) Therapeutic Massage is the manipulation of soft tissue, which maintains or restores the body's natural balance.

Through massage, joint mobility is maintained.   Muscular benefits include; increasing of blood supply, improving tone, minimizing of fatigue, relaxation and reducing inflammation of fibres. 

Massage improves circulation and increases interchange of waste in lymphatic system production.  It stimulates sensory nerve endings and increases peristalsis.  Its slows respiratory rate and improves the texture of the skin.

There are also psychological benefits of feeling cared for which produces a feeling of well-being that can not be matched by modern drugs.

Massage after exercise is extremely beneficial, helping to eliminate fatigue, stiffness and pain.  During exercise, waste products such as lactic and carbolic acids and urea are released into the muscles.  It is the accumulation of these wastes that can cause stiffness and pain.  The lymphatic system drains them out of the body, but this can take several hours or even a few days.   Massage, with its pumping and stroking action, can speed up their elimination.

Weekly  or fortnightly massages are encouraged
to facilitate optimal body functioning.

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