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CAL. 7x57 mm.

Caliber: 7mm
System of operation: Turn Bolt
Length overall: 37 inches
Barrel length: 17.56 inches
Feed device: 5 round,staggered row, non-detachable, box magazine
Sight:Front: Barley corn w/ears
Sight:Rear: Leaf
Weight: 7.5 lb
Muzzle velocity: Approximately 2575 f.p.s.

Made by Ludwig Loewe & Co., Berlin 1896-97 and by Fabrica Nacional de Armas, Oviedo 1896-1915. Adopted on 7th may 1895, this was simply a shorth Mod. 1893, stocked to the muzzle, with a small rear sight and the bolt handle turned down. A change was made in 1896 to he barrel band, which gained a sling ring on the left side, a sling bar was fixed in the left side of the butt in addition to the bar-and-ring assembly beneath the wrist. A half-depth cut in the left side of the receiver was added to facilitate charger-loading. (Rifles of the World, John Walther 1998)

Spanish Model 1895 Carbine.

Close-up of the action .

Close-up of the markings .

A top view of the bolt.

Close-up of 1895 Carbine rear sling loop.

Close-up of the saddle ring.

Close-up of 1895 Carbine front sling loop.

A close-up of the rearsight.

Close-up of the front sight.

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