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Khalid Al-Shehari

Advertisements: Globalised, (G)localised or Translated?

Personal Information



*   Marital status: Married

*   D.O.B.: 23 January 1973





*   PhD in Translation Studies, UMIST, UK. (In Process)

*   MSc in Translation Studies, UMIST, UK. (1998)

*   BA in English Language Teaching and Literature (1995)


Research Experience




1998: MSc Dissertation, UMIST, UK. Supervised by Prof. Mona Baker.

In this dissertation I attempted to offer a contribution to the area of the translation of advertising from English into Arabic. I applied the Peircean triad of sign to a corpus of English and Arabic advertisements to find out how semiotic relations have been generated, and what problems the translator may encounter in attempting to maintain the same semiotic relations of the English advertisement in the Arabic version, and to what extent differences in culture have been involved in this process.


1998-2000: PhD Research, UMIST, UK. Supervised by Prof. Mona Baker.

In this research, I intend to investigate from a semiotic point of view the different kinds of relationships that exist between the various elements (verbal and visual) of an advertisement and between these elements and the elements outside the text. A semiotic tool is designed from a combination of theories tackling different kinds of relationships such as Peircean triad of sign, Barther’s theory of the levels of message and other issues related to intertextuality and Syntagms and Paradigms. This model will be applied to a corpus of Arabic advertisements, which are translated from English, with their English originals, to examine the strategies which are used by translators and advertisers to translate or to localize the adverts. Issues related to globalization and localization will also be raised in the current research.


Work Experience



1995 – Date: Freelance Translator both from and into English and Arabic.

1999 – Date: Research Assistant at the Translational English Corpus (TEC) Project, UMIST, UK.

1998 – 1999: Teaching Arabic to Non-Arabic speakers at the Muath Islamic School, Birmingham, UK.

1998: Teaching Arabic to British students from Arab origins at the Scientific Yemeni Institute, Manchester & Birmingham, UK.

1996 – 1997: Teaching English to undergraduates of Education at Sana’a University, Yemen.

1995 – 1997: I worked as a lecturer of ELT at the University of Science and Technology, Yemen. In addition, I was responsible for many administrative tasks at the Translation Department including the preparation for the exams. I also taught English for Special Purposes to undergraduates of Computing, Business and Accounting.





28 – 30/4/2000: Research Models in Translation Studies. UK: UMIST.

23 – 26/3/2000: Global Links, Linguistic Ties: Forging a Future for Translation and Interpreting. NY: New York University.

17 – 20/2/1999: The Professional Translator in the New Millennium. Madrid: Universidad Europea de Madrid.

20 - 22/11/1998: Translation, Identity and Modernity: The Case of Arabic. UK: Salford University.






Advertisements: Globalised, (G)localized or Translated? A paper presented at the “Global Links, Linguistic Ties: Forging a Future for Translation and Interpreting” Conference. New York University.





*   Arabic: Native Language.

*   English: Very Good.


Computer Literacy



*     I’m able to work with both systems: windows and UNIX.

*     I work easily with Windows 98, Windows NT, Microsoft Word 2000. Microsoft Access and Microsoft PowerPoint, all in English and Arabic.

*     I have a professional level in designing web pages both in Arabic and English either by using HTML Tools or any of many web publishing software such as Microsoft FrontPage.





Prof. Mona Baker

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Prof. A. Abdrabou


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