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******At one point when I was young I used to surf the net looking for most anything on Ender's Game and OSC, but found very little. What I did find was usually out of date and very limited. So in a time of little information I tried pulling together what I could find and including most of it here on my site. Unfortunately life has taken the time I used to spend on this site and filled it with other activities. Basically what I am getting at is this site will be up as long as Angelfire continues to host it, but please do not expect any further updates. Just remember, the enemy's gate is down!*********

This is a site dedicated to the amazing book called enders game by the incredible author Orson Scott Card. This as you all know is the greatest book on the planet and hopfully off the planet too:) So if you havent read it yet WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING HERE GO READ IT!!!!!!!!and sign the guestbook:).By the way this site is under heavy construction so if you find any dead links or problems email me or leave a message on the board! thnx....Hit reload to view new additions to the site. This site is best viewed in 32bit true color.
[p.s. anything that is posted on this site I believe has no copy right that I am violating so if I am sorry:( and email me right away and it will be taken down!]


9/28/2004This site will soon be under massive renovation...hopefully.

5/1/02 HELLO EVERYONE...been a really long time...i know i know im a slacker...I was thinking of maybe asking some people for help to continue to have the site updated and taken care of...i just dont have that much time anymore...hopefully i will get everything fixed enough so that i can leave it a alone for a bit. however life just stands in my way to much nowadays..heh...Thankyou all for still showing up, even tho there isnt much to look at anymore. Ill get it worked on i promise:) first step is the message atleast you can talk to eachother. tnx again for coming ..

7/12/01 Just got a ton of email today...wonder how come...that provoked me to come and fix a few minor probs with the site...working on the other stuff slowly...I have put in a new forum, guest book, and message i think that most of the site is up and running to a point where i can work on new stuff for it, without worrying about the old:)

3/1/01 Well sorry i havent been this semester has been horribly difficult..ill fix the few probs that have risen in my absence. As soon as i have some time ill fix it right up heh.

9/5/00 Finally got that freakin chatroom up and runnin:) slowly remaking the website too..wont be launched for a while dont get ur hopes up:) well have fun and i am looking forward to talking to all of you

8/20/00 Almost have the chatroom up and running...your going to need IE 4.0 or higher for it or a newer version of netscape because its going to be voice as well as text chat:) thought that would be an interesting bonus..and as soon as i get things squared away we can hold a sceduled chat.

7/29/00 Well not much to report here..just doing basic work on the site..working on redoing the whole site in shockwave once i get the time..which i dont have much of starting college in a month or so...ill try my best i guess.

6/18/00 Hey guess what...i was angelfires site of the day the 16th...I was glad that i had all the visitors and i will take your comments and try to improve on my site with them..even though i dont have the time..i graduated from high school yesterday:) and well im kinda do what i can. Thanks again to everyone who visited..hope you come back.

5/25/00Hey there all..updated the news section..go see what osc has to say about his new book coming out:)

4/8/00 GUESS WHAT!! the first 5 Chapters of Shadow of the Hegemon are on YAY its gonna be a while before the rest comes out like..december but if you cant wait...well go check it out. The book looks great already i want more:)

3/8/00 Well we broke 10000 on the counter today:) I thought that would be a nice surprise to all...thankyou..keep coming soon as i get work and school squared away then back to the updates and all i go:)

2/28/99Ho all, been real busy with work and stuff..done what little maintanance i can...gonna have a few updates about the movie and stuff up soon...coming from someone by the name of Sean Rea who i give thanks to for sending me the info. Will have that up soon..

2/2/00We have finally done it..Peter and i have finally got the Webring up and running as soon as the others add their html everything will be running great:) If you want to submit your ender site email me.

1/28/00Well I havent done the update thing in a just to dismay those nasty rumors that I'm not alive, here it is:)Still send in your pictures and quotes..this page needs all of your help as well..heh.

1/15/00 Well hmmm dont really know what to say..but i do like the conversations that are going on on messageboard...if you havent noticed go put your two cents in:) Anyways...still excepting quotes and drawings. Bye!

1/1/2000Well i guess the site is y2k compliant:) Happy NewYear to all and yes we all know that EG is going to be as amazing this millenium as it was last:)

12/15/99I have finally added something to the news section since this summer with some info that osc shared with me in denver around the end of november. Hope it helps in some way or another.

12/8/99Hey all...well someone finally sent in a picture...i made a new section for it on my go look at the main links section and go see it. Thanks again to Darian Robbins for his picture of ender in full battle gear...its really good. Everyone else send in theirs now...and also send in your quotes as well:)

11/27Someone has graciously asked me to ask all of you if you would send in pictures that you draw of EG or any of the other books. This does also sound interesting lets see what enders world looks like to you!

11/20 Well i am updating from Denver where i managed to get to a conference where OSC was speaking. I thought that he was amazing....very inspirational...well pictures of my little encounter will be up soon so...i think that i will put up some quotes from the man himself(from the speech).

11/7/99Hmmm...damn angelfire has decided to give me either a pop-up or a banner....I dislike pop-ups very much so i went with the banner. Hope you dont mind. Finally got some new ideas...they will be up and running in a little. Also my updates section is getting so big its cutting in on page loading time so I think that I am going to start archiving them if anyone wishes to read them later on:)

10/18/99Well I am pretty much tapped for ideas. I would love to know what you would like to see of me on this site. So either e-mail me with your ideas or just tell me on the board:)And dont forget about those quotes eh? submit them here!

10/10/99Hiya all...sorry I havent updated in forever damn school is gonna kill me...thank you to everyone who visits my little corner of the www. Keep coming and I will do my best to keep u updated with the latest in ender news and info:)

9/22/99 Now that everyone is coming to my site I would like to know how you found my little nook on the info super highway and where you are from so just sign the guestbook and that will make my day:)

9/15/99Well the only thing today is some news on the webring. As you see above there is one out there and if you or anyone you know has an Ender's Game Website and would like to join just email Me or Peter The Hegemon. The main webring page link is above.

9/14/99Redid the entire site once more I think that this format is going to stay for a while it loads quick and is easier to navigate through the site better. Now I am going through each page and cleaning up the site. Tell me what you think on the message board.

9/3/99ITS OUT!!!!! go get your copy of "Ender's Shadow" now. Also as I promised with the release of the movie will come huge changes in the site....they are in the workings as I type this:)

8/12/99Fresco pictures is doing some amazing stuff on the movie so go check it out...they got the beginning of the movie script out. The links on the links page or click  here. They have been doing some serious work on their site lately and its looking pretty good.

8/7/99Havent done an update in a while so...there really isnt much I can do until the end of the month. when "Enders Shadow" is released to the public. I will be doing a large update then with things from that book. Also frescopix added a new forum so go sign up a name there so all the good ones arent taken when you do get there:)

7/29/99Hmm...lets see today I added a new osc chat transcript that was held by the ender fan club that I belong to on yahoo. I COULDNT GOT THOUGH because I lost power when it went on but wigginwannabe graciously provided me with screenshots of the chat so go take a look:)

7/20/99Today I added so much stuff it took forever and then I noticed the font on the new buttons wasnt the same I will keep them there until I can fix them.....also would like to say thanks to h g s f.

7/16/99They released the cover picture of "Ender's Shadow yesterday so here is the picture:) so you can all drool...also made a new cover image..I am now going through the site and making changes...also for some odd reason the definitions page got deleted from my account?!?!?! how that happened I dont know..gonna have the Ender's Webring up and running soon:) so email me if you wanna join.

7/11/99Well I finished "Ender's Shadow" for the second time this month and I feel that it is almost as good a read as "Enders Game"...and the funny thing is I chose Bean as my online name before I even heard of it:) Well all the more reason to add a large part about it to my once it goes public I am going to update my site to include "Enders Shadow as well. I hope you all aprove.(but I know you will once you read it as well.)

7/7/99Fixed the button. Also got the mid from Enders Shrine..he has some good songs there. Also The quotes page can still use some so submit them to me as soon as you accepting ones from Ender's Shadow if you have read it. Also go talk about something...anything...on the message board. I wish they didnt delete the old one we had some good discussions going.Well thats it...I am now going through my site page by page and changing some stuff from the begining that I didnt know how to do then. It just needs to be tuned up so to speak...Email me if you have anything to say or a quote or anything

7/6/99Added a mid.file to the page hope you like the song. Also one of my buttons is wrong and says ch. 1-3 of Ender's Shadow. It should read ch. 1-4 of Ender's Shadow.

7/5/99Well once more I have changed the cover page totally over. What do you thing about my little venture into 3d text? Post your thoughts on the message board or drop me a line or email rather:)

6/30/99Well once again the idiots at freeboards messed-up so I finally decided to go with another company...darn dont ya just wish that angelfire would support the code for a guestbook that I wrote...ah wellwell lets see if this is any better

6/29/99THOSE LOSERS AT FREEBOARDS....deleted my old account so I lost my old message board:(I lost all the discussions and everything made a new one though...used them am I dumb ah well go commment on the new one:)

6/28/99Hey lets get some quotes in here guys...I dont wanna put them all up myself then it wouldnt be from you...hence the "your favorite quotes page" anyways send em my way:)

6/27/99Well I am amazed at the popularity of the site I am so excited about it:) Just gives me all the more reason to stick with this. Have fun when you look around and email me with any suggestions...except you wigginwannabe:) heh just kiddin.

6/23/99At last another update on the movie from Sean K. at Frescopix the carriers for the ender movie:)looks like they are ready to do something...finally

6/21/99Broke the 1000 mark on my counter today WOOHOO!! hope you all still come back:)

6/17/99Put up some new quotes you guys are giving me..they're good keep em coming.

6/16/99Got the latest post from frescopix about Ender's Game the movie..go check it out in the movie news section.

6/12/99Well today I did some major work on the site and changed its entire image. Hope you like it. I wanted to for sometime and had the time to do it today:)

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