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Harvest Moon 64 Forever


Hello everybody, and welcome to my site, Harvest Moon 64 Forever. This page is devoted to bringing you the latest on the newest Nintendo 64 game. If you're looking for a copy, Order HM64 here.


March 7, 2001 - Yes, it's true. Over a year has gone by. Thanks for sticking with me, folks. Annnnnnd, we've got our own RPG forum!! Check it out under the message board. It's a virtual Flower Bud village. Enjoy.

March 3, 2000 - New music! Check the music section under "Tips and Media" Who can ask for anything more?

Jan. 27, 2000 - Added Photo Album under "Tips, Media, and More"

  Jan. 21, 2000 - Added voting booth. Check it out under "Tips, Media, and More" section. Began to add HM64 MP3s; Check out the music section.

Jan. 3, 2000 - *If anyone is interested in writing reviews for the "Tips, Media, and More" section, you can write it in Wordpad, Microsoft Word, notepad, or just type it in the body of an e-mail, and send it to me. The essays should be approximately 250 words, spellchecked, etc. Thanks!!*



Email me, Adam Robinson, with any comments or suggestions about the page. I'd love to hear from you! If you have a specific question, please check out the F.A.Q under the "Tips, Media, and More" section to see if your answer is there.




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