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Meet Jake and Beazer


12/26/1991 - 02/21/2000

UPDATE: It is with a heavy heart and many tears that I announce that Jake lost his valient fight and passed away in his Mom's loving arms and surrounded by some of his favorite people. He was a real trooper and will be missed by everyone who's lives he touched. Please take a moment to read about Angel Jake and if you like, please sign his Guestbook on the next page.

Please meet Jake on the left and Beazer on the right. Jake was a therapy dog until he got sick in April 1999. Jake has cancer and needs your prayers.

Beazer is a rescue dog and a good friend and roommate of Jake. Jake and Beazer share their house with my friend, Kathy, in Massachusetts.

It should be noted that Jake is one of the sweetest dogs that I ever met - he gets along great with other dogs (loves Great Danes) and especially loves people. He is a one in a million dog that I am glad I have had the pleasure to know. Love those Jake kisses!

Please go to next page to read Jake's story written by his Mom and to see pictures of Jake playing with my dog Shane (Siberian Husky) in our backyard in NH. Please let me know what you think of our sweet friends.

Jake's Most Favorite Things in Life:

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