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FROM FHM JULY 2000 (page 68 till page 76)
(*Interviewed and written by Nathan Conrad)

FHM July 2000 Cover!!

Being the 'it' girl in Malaysian music isn't a guarantee of a long and glorius career. Remember Maizurah, the hot little babe who used to pumped out the numbers? She's seeing a lot more milk bottle and dirty-diapers these days than hit single. And what about the KRU-inspired girl group Elite? They seem to change members faster than your corner Mamak changes foreign waiters. It's been 'here today, gone tomorrow' for many in the risky world of Malaysian pop.

It's been a stroke of good luck for Malaysian men then, that Ning Baizura has triumphantly made the transition from bubly teen singing sensation to seductive diva. And in the process she's lost none of her appeal.

Most Malaysian men will remember Ning as the sweet teen who matured into national consciousness with a series of reasonable albums and some very questionable outfits. Who doesn't remember that bad Goth impression at one AIM awards? Or the awesomely awful make-up?

Luckily, we always knew there were more to Ning than her clothes. Her voluptuos beautiful body and ultra velvet-smooth voice are even more alluring today than when she first burst onto the music scene eight years ago.

And what a rollicking eight years it's been. No stranger to controversy, she made waves as a local singer who had the audacity to use foreign management. She was promptly crucified by the national media, and when she return from ill-fated deal in Singapora, most dismissed her as a has-been. She continued recording, but was soon labeled as the 'bad girl of pop' by the media for her constant present at party spots. But love her or loathe her, Ning had cemented her position as Malaysia' premier R&B performer.

The year 2000 marks a transition for Ning. She's ready to put take the future into her own hands. She's started her own company, NingInc and for the first time in her career, she's determined to have the total control over her creative life. "I'm going to decide what's going to happen to myself creatively now," Ning says, with a decidedly determined glint in her eye."I'm going to exercise my own judgement because I think it's time. I need to do this for myself."She's created an all-new show including dancers, a five-piece band, designer wardrobe and a new repertoire of music.

With a new album in the works, Ning looks to be making a big move towards the future. But a new album's not the only news. Ning's chosen to unveil the new-look Ning exclusively for FHM readers. Forget about the other Nings you've seen. This Ning is unabashedly sexy, sassy and sophisticated. And she's not about to hide it, with an interview that will sure inflame the imagination.

With her sex appeal firmly rooted in the Malaysian male psyche, it seems it will be only a matter of time before the rest of the world discovers our seductive secret- the little girl all grown up.....

Is NingInc a freash start for you ?

Yes, I'm finally taking control of my own career. I wanted a clean and fresh new start. My contract is finished, I'm independent and free now to pursue my own opportunities. I wouldn't want to work for a big label again. They don't concentrate on artists. They always give excuse that they "have no budget," but I think it's more lack of initiative on their part.

Your mum has always been a big part of your career. Is she slowing down now ?

When I was younger and just starting out, she was always heavily involved. She's now involved in business for herself and is quite busy with that. I am still very close to her, it's just that we are sort of heading off in our own direactions now-me with singing, her herb business.

Does she still have to approve of your boyfriends?

No! It's more like I have to approve of hers! She's having a great time enjoying life. It's really nice to see her so happy with what she is doing.

You intimidate a lot of men. Why is that?

I'm a very outspoken woman. If I don't like a guy I'll tell him straight to his face. One time this guy approached me and said "Remember that night when you were all over me?" I'm like 'Come on, you can come up with something better than that!' It was the worst pick-up line I'd ever heard. This guy was a loser-what was he thinking? If something like that had happened, I would of course remember being there!

Has your fame hurt your love life?

Yes, sort of. From age 16 to 21 I never had the chance to go out and party and meet men. I would meet guys when I was in a group, but I didn't have many chances for one-on0one interaction. Partly this was because the press would have given me such a hard time. Being a young Malay singer means that the tabloid press is just waiting for you to make mistake so that they can jump in and tear you to shreds.

Is there only a small group of men in Malaysia that are potential dates?

No, because I don't date famous guys. For me, that is my number one rule-never date an entertainer or anyone as famous as I am. I'd rather date a guy with a more normal life-an accountant or something like that. I'd love to meet the 'guy next door'.

You don't mind bringing in the paycheque then?

No, but he's got to have an intellect and a deep voice. I just love men with really deep voices. Like Barry White. Even though he's a singer, I'd go for him in a second.

If the voice is the first thing that attracts you to a man, what's the second?

The voice and the brain are first. Second is sexual appeal. I have to be sexually attracted to him and I usually know that straightaway. I get frustrated because when I go out at night in KL, I know the men there are undressing me with their eyes the minute I walk in the room. I hate that the most. I want male attention but I want them to look at me as a woman, not just as an object of sexual desire.

Are gay clubs a refuge for you?

They're comfortable, because I don't get hassled. Sometimes I get offers from lesbians, which is a complete honour. I find it weird when a gay men proposition me under the pretence of being bisexual. I always tell these guys that they're dreaming and should wake up and face reality. In Paris I met this really good looking guy whom I thought was attracted to me-I didn't think he was gay at all. We had such a great time going around Paris during the day. Then towards evening he told me how much he loved my dress, my shoes and my bag. After that I knew the sad truth straight away.

You have a notorious birthmark, right?

Yes! It's on the top of my right breast. It looks a bit like a small eyebrow. Strangely enough, it's quite s turn-on! When I was younger I thought it was irritating, but now I find it important to my identity. I've really grown to like it.

Would you make the first move to get your man?

I've always got to be in control of those situations. The first few times I meet a man, I must be the one to instigate the action. I'm quite selfish and I'm very independent. I want to be the master first. Later on I'll play the slave. for the most part, though, I want to be the master all of the time.

Sounds kinky...

I'd love to play games!I'm very playful. I find the ideas of blindfolds and doing stuff with candles, wax, ice and whipped-cream quite erotic. I don't believe in quickies-most women don't, because they won't feel fully satisfied. Foreplay should last at least an hour, preferably more.

You wouldn't hop in the elevator for a quick two-minute session?

I might consider it. But a quickie should always be followed by a much longer session later that night. A quickie is only a taste of things yet to come. I think I'd be a difficult woman to satisfy! It's not always that easy for women when they first meet a man. But when a man and a woman are comfortable with each other, things happen quite easily! I'm sure I'd be like a pipe bursting! A water fountain of pleasure!

Do you think many men can hold up to your high standards?

Only 21-year old guys would have that kind of stamina! Older men would have to be patient and wait for Nature to take its course, I would think.

When would a tryst appeal? In mornings or the evenings?

Actually, I would prefer mornings. I usually finish up with my shows late at night, and after supper, I don't often make it home until early in the morning.

Maybe advertising guys would be best then. they usually don't work mornings.

Yes, I've dated a few advertising guys-those on the creative side-and I've dated an engineer. I think men love their careers. Creative guys do it more creatively. Engineering guys do it structurally. I think a man's job would be a better gaugeof his bedroom abilitiesthan any factor-race, age or anything else. Having said that, I must admit I find Spanish men especially sexy.

Is it their Latin charm?

No, it's their arses. Spanish men have the nicest, tightest butts.

How do Malaysian men as compared to European men?

To be quite honest, I've never dated a European guys so I wouldn't really know how to answer this question. From what I've observed, Malaysian men tend to take care of their women better though. I'm all for equality, but I like being taken care off. I'm just like any other Asian woman in that respect.

We used to know this account executive guy who collected each and every picture of you that he could get hold of. Do you think it's weird when strange men obsess over you sexually?

Not at all. Back when I was a bit younger I thought that these guys were all perverts, but lately I feel differently about them. Now I'm completely proud of the fact that I can excite them with just a picture. I see that as a sign of my sexuality and power as a woman.

Do you think you'll make a good wife?

I could be a wife in the future, but that's a long way off. I can't see myself with a child, not yet anyway. I don't think I could bear the idea of being responsible for another human being. I think kids are cute and all but I can't possibly imagine myself taking care of one-not at this time anyway.

What's the best part about being single?

I'm in complete control of every situation and I get flirt more and not feel guilty. Basically, I'm able to keep all of my options open. I get to play more roles because I'm single- a singer, a schoolgirl or whatever I want to do on any other given day.

Role playing? Do you keep your old schoolgirl outfits around?

No, I've got new ones! Haha! A few of them, actually. All I'm going to say about role-playing is this: I wouldn't mind having a few costumes in my wardrobe. But I won't discuss anything else about that! That's my little secret!

Would it be difficult finding men in Malaysia who are adventurous?

Yes. People in Malaysia are not as exposed to these types of things so you don't find too many men keen on this sort of situation. Most of the men I date probably think I'm quite mad, but I can tell you one thing for sure-they always go home extremely happy!

You've told us how much you enjoy flirting. How and when does a man know he has the green light to take things further with you?

I'm a straightforward person so I'll tell him when I'm into that. Because I'm so honest about things like this. I naturally find this type of honesty attractive men as well. I think the best pick-up line I've ever heard was from this one guys who had been staring at me all night long. Finally I approached him and asked him why he was behaving like that. He then proceeded to tell me that I was 'the best looking girl in the room' and 'the only girl in the room that he found attractive' I was quite flattered by his honesty so I was honest right back to him. I asked him if he wanted to sleep with me and he said yes. I was impressed so I told him to stick around and we would see what happened.

He probably lost it right then and there. Have you seen him since?

I still see him out sometimes at night, and I'm still intrigued, but nothing's happened yet. He's two years younger than me and I find that interesting Usually I date men that are at least my age if not a bit older. I think the older man would definitely have more in the experience stakes than the younger man. What they lose in stamina, I think they'd make up with skill!

This 'younger' guy is Malaysian?

No, he's a Mat Salleh and to tell you the truth, I've never quite been attracted to white guys. I've always fancied darker men-Malaysian men.

You don't mind it when men chat you up?

Not at all, in fact I enjoy it. There's nothing wrong with trying and the more creative guys are, the better!

If they were awarding 'Best Body Parts in Malaysia', what would you be sure to win?

Isn't that an obvious question? I'd win the Best Butt award! Maybe my lips might win as well. A lot of men like lips they can really get a hold of! Men have told me that they find my lips sultry.

What do you do to take care of your butt?

I never cover it up! I only wear g-strings, so there's never a panty line. A g-string makes me feel very sexy. In fact, that's the only kind of panty I own.

What's your biggest unfulfilled fantasy?

I know it'll never happen but it involves five guys and me, all at the same time. But this time the men will be the masters and I will be the slaves-the only slave.

That might be complicated scheduling-wise.

No, I've already figured out the 'what and where' of it- each of the guys would certainly get his fair share! And this isn't a sleezy scene at all. This would be slow and beautiful. Afterall, fantasy's just a fantasy. Haha. FHM