(This report has been prepared by a revered Vedic Astrologer/Occultist/Yoga Instructor. I believe most of his predictions to be true.)


Below mentioned predictions is a sincere attempt to divine future so that a person is able to know itself better and thus becomes able to illumine its life journey, which will surely be influenced by the law of karma and God supreme. An attempt has been made to use the science of vedic astrology, medical astrology, palmistry, numerology, tarot cards, vastu shastra & yoga to your advantage. 


Your Life Path, Wisdom and Growth


In this life, there also will arouse strong feelings for traveling to religious places, meeting spiritual people, Gurus, acquiring occult knowledge, writing about secret aspects of spirituality and occult sciences, traveling to distant places for worship and paying your respect to different temples of India and abroad or doing humanitarian work. It bestows greatness, wisdom, status, and tremendous respectability. Even learned persons come to you to seek enlightenment and guidance. You will also take interest in philosophy and in rituals and may often seek answers through the lower manifestations of occultism sometimes. You can demonstrate considerable occult powers and a capacity for spiritual healing if you follow the path mentioned below. Your empathy for others will make you honorable and respected. 


The last phase of life will be devoted to religious practices. You will also take interest in joining secret occult groups and acquiring knowledge & experience in dabbling with these sciences and thereby improving your intelligence. You will also bring forward the knowledge and experience of your previous births and increase your understanding of the secret sciences which very few people have. At the age of 45 yrs, you will do most of the things mentioned above according to your horoscope. 


You will also indulge in meditation/mantra. You will also be philanthropic, truth loving and seeking good friendship. You will also be learned and caring for social values in the present life. You will be fortunate, lovable and helping with independent thinking. You will also read some of the scriptures & shastras and gain insights of deep level. You will also develop broad outlook and understanding of human nature. You will have self confidence and enthusiastic in cultivating friendly relationships, being diplomatic and tactful. Forgiveness for harmony and peace shall benefit you in life. You will also develop interest in astrology, palmistry and vedic knowledge. 


After the age of 60 years, you will be fully on the path of spirituality and success. You will learn and meet many eminent spiritually evolved souls. You will be fascinated by the mysteries of the unknown and some of your known friends will appreciate your research & knowledge or works. In this life, there will also be changes in your level of knowledge & intelligence and can bring you to the level of being in communication with the astral entities and the dead if you seriously follow the spiritual practices. Sometimes, you will be known for your philosophical & mystical mind, sometimes seeking independence or seclusion. In the middle of 2006-2007, you will be taking interest in philosophy, metaphysics, indulging in noble deeds leading to success, financial and social upliftment, career satisfaction or material attainments or sudden detachments.


Challenges on the Path


Materially, you will be well off but there will always be the desire to acquire more and more & material ambitions. You also need to control the anger, rashness by patience, extreme attitudes by moderation, selfishness by selflessness, force by gentle persuasion, domination by letting go. You need to learn to follow the path of ahimsa or refrain from violence of any kind by Mind, Speech & Body. You also need discipline in your relationships and get detached with your family and desires thereby transcending the duality of it and also being unaffected with the loss and gain in life. 


Your most important characteristic is your insatiable thirst for life and applying efforts for the comforts of life which needs to be simplified. Sexual desires will be uncontrollable some times. In private life, you may undergo moments of pain which you need to transcend by maintaining equanimity. Your forthright utterances may provoke others which needs to be checked by meditation, inner calm, also induced by pranayama and maun vrat. The inner challenges also come in the fulfillment of desires of the family, money related issues, acquiring fame which are strengthening the material and illusive impulses in you. 


You also seem to suffer from the curse of a Brahmin and need to free yourself from it by serving the Brahmins, keeping chandranarayan vrat or donation of cows to temple or Guru. Another challenge may come from the soul twin or wife who may be egoistic or materialistic or proud, sometimes leading to differences in opinion. Some of your desires will take time to get fulfilled or sometimes obstacles will crop up as God wants you to renounce hopes & expectations and remain balanced in honor & dishonor.


The Inner Revolution, Transcendence


You will be able to explore the mystical virgin areas of the nature which will open exceptional opportunities in life. Your inner self can bring about different kinds of perfection or bring you face to face with immense possibilities which you can realize if you undergo appropriate psychological transformation or adjustment or physical purification. Your atman in this incarnation seeks to establish itself in its true self of peace. Without violence or anger, energize more on self upliftment and acquiring knowledge of the self or permanent friend than for making temporary relationships or acquiring some siddhis. 


You will also undergo some spiritual experiences from time to time. You will be fascinated by the mysteries of the unknown leading to exploration of occult sciences. God will show you its presence with some psychic experiences. You will also visit temples/pilgrimage spots and derive inner satisfaction. Charity and kindness will expand your consciousness and bring you more success in life. Dharma and right activity will impel you forward in your spiritual path. You can counter difficult karmas through divine grace and repentance. God will bestow upon you the wisdom to come to him.


Letting Go of Problem Areas blocking your Spiritual Evolution


You need to learn to follow the path of ahimsa or refrain from violence of any kind by Mind, Speech & Body. Your sensual nature is sometimes intense, which you need to transmute to higher channels and convert it to Ojas. Passions, impatience and self-esteem issues should also be controlled to evolve faster to the path of God. Too much sensual relationships will lead to wasted/disturbed prana, but when controlled, can lead to initiate a new level for performing health works of God or miracles. Too much of rash temperament and too much independence of views should be avoided. Avoid jealousy or possessiveness or prejudice, should not be gloomy, pessimistic. You should also take care of your body temple with hath yoga exercises


Your Ishta Devata 


Worshipping Laxmi Narayan will increase your understanding regarding illusive state of the world and help you in progressing in life and in occult practices. They are your dharma devi and devta. Your Ishta Devta, who will guide your soul to moksha or freedom from the repeated births & deaths, is Sri Rama guided by Lord Shiva.


The Best Path of Yoga for You


Kundalini Yoga or Kriya Yoga with Gyan Yoga or combination of any two.


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