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Tavern of the Blue Rose

You walk through a darkened forest by the light of a pale crescent moon. In the distance you see a faint light and begin walking towards it. The only sound in the chill of the night is the sound of your own boots as they crunch over the snow-covered ground. The trees all around you bend low under their wintry burden. The drifts rise on either side of the slight path you follow. As you reach the edge of the trees, a small clearing lies before you. In this clearing you can see a small tavern, this is the source of the light you have been following. A slightly weather beaten wrought iron sign hangs in front of the building. In ornate lettering the words Tavern of the Blue Rose are embossed in antique sliver.

From what you can see in the windows it is a fairly small place but it does look cozy. As you approach the door you can almost feel the warmth that fills the place. You push open the wooden door and step

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Escape from Reality... The Tavern of The Blue Rose
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