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Sent Out on a Mission

Sent over to Iraq to serve my country
Ordered to serve at FOB McHenry
Serving here in this treacherous place
Killing the enemy that we must face.

Sent out on a mission both day and night
Seeking out the enemy that we must fight
Roll into a town with one Hell of a roar
Climb out of our Humvees knock on each door.

Scopeing out rooftops left and right
Crouching down keeping out of sight
Looking over our shoulders constantly
Protecting each other from what we can't see.

Slowly moving forward as tho we are one
Shots rapidly fired from the rooftops above
Command given return fire shots fly everywhere
Another mission completed no loss of lives, still alive over there.
Copyright © 2005

Battle Rages On

Sent over there to that God awful place
Who would have known what you would face
The bombs the bullets and rocket propelled grenades
Sand storms rolling in creating a terrible haze.

C. O. runs into your Chu in one hell of a rush
Shouting orders to your Platoon you'll pull out at dusk
You snatch up you gear get your rifle locked and loaded
Pass by the bridges and roads where bombs have exploded.

They send you out into the darkness of night
Expecting you to put up one Hell of a fight
Humvees and tanks and men all around
Those bombs that explode make one hell of a sound.

Battle rageing on with vehicles and men on the ground
Choppers flying overhead with a deafening sound
Bullets and rockets, grenades all the clamour
Men dressed in cammo's and full body armour.

Darkness approaches making it hard to see everything all around
You take out your shovels and dig into the ground
Dig a hole big enough to protect all the masses
Unbuckle your helmet pull down your night vision glasses.

The enemy approaching is one that is yet to be seen
Trying to hide from your Platoon thinking they are so keen
They approach in their robes with their rifles loaded
Not knowing that there are mines yet to be exploded.

Platoon is on alert their senses sharp and keen
To fight off the enemy that is yet to be seen
Out in the distance they are approaching in masses
Platoon is watching silently senses their actions.

Enemy rushes forward in the darkness of the night
Platoon is ready for them to put up a fight
Little do they know they are out manned and out gunned
Battle rages on till the break of dawn.

With the break of dawn daylight has begun
Platoon looks around to see what has been done
Enemy lay on the ground everywhere that they see
The battle has been won total Victory!
Copyright © 2005

Locked in My Mind

We all have feelings deep inside
That we try to hide away
Feelings that we won't express
Keep hidden every day.

Hide them deep inside the mind
Won't tell them to a soul
Don't want them to escape and show
Truths never to be told.

Seen some awful things in life
Will never be the same
Could never tell of all the tragedies
And never knew their names.

Have done some things I can't regret
To help protect the world
Avoiding thinking of the deaths
Of people young and old.

Keep all my thoughts and feelings
Safe under lock and key
Don't want to talk and speak of them
Till sort them out you see.

Will get the help I need one day
Purge these demons locked in my mind
Once again my life will become whole
Feelings and my life will then be mine.

Then can share my deepest thoughts
And my love can then be freed
To share with someone special
For all eternity.
Copyright © 2005

Noone knows how deeply war affects our soldiers in battle.

Flying Out Today

Served your time fly out today
Board the big old bird for the USA
Packed your gear said all your goodbyes
Time to head for the big blue skies.

Start up the stairs must turn away
Soon will be out of Harm's Way
Step through the door sit in your seat
Take one deep breath sigh of relief.

Close your eyes feet on the floor
Seat belt buckled stewardess closes the door
Moving forward engines thrust
Feel your blood pump faster what a rush!

Tail lifts up plane off the ground
Open your eyes look all around
Smiling faces are all you see
One last "Hooah!" comes out of these.

Up in the air breathe sign of relief
Long journey home to be debriefed
Have served your time and lived to tell
Of sacrificing a year in Living Hell.

Can't wait to feel this plane touch down
Put your feet back on home ground
Where you feel safe and you feel free
At home in our great Land of Liberty!
Copyright © 2005

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