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Chibi Shinigami GW Yaoi RPG

Welcome to my Club's Webpage. Included on this page are what characters are taken and by whom, instructions on joining the game, and a few basic guidelines for playing. Welcome and I hope you enjoy the page and the club.

You can access the actual Yahoo Club Page Here
All you need is a Yahoo! ID. Which you can easily get right here
If you already have a Yahoo! ID you can simply go right to the club and join.

The characters that are already taken are as follows -
Duo is taken by Duo_Chibi_Shinigami
Quatre is taken by DuoKitten
Heero is taken by Wing_Zero_Forever
Wufei is taken by GW1x22x1
Relena is taken by PrincessRelenaPeacecraft2002
Clarissa Angelque Andrei is playing an original character Clarissa/Angel
Trowa is taken by Battie_Koi
Deathboynomiko is playing an original character Gai
demoness_samath is playing an original character Skye
Zechs is taken by teengohan_ssj

The RPG game started in post #23 Check it out and feel free to join!

A few guidelines for Game Play

1 - Please be respectful to the other players OOC and please don't be uncharacteristically harsh IC without some IC reason
2 - If you need to make an OOC post please annotate that is is OOC. Use something like this ((OOC note - Hello this is an OOC note))
3 - Please try to stay somewhat within the characteristics of your character. For example... if you are playing a pacificst character you probably would not be likely to drop a planeful of nuclear warheads on a kindergarden classroom. HOWEVER... if as you are playing your character develops and changes to reflect such an action then its fine.
4 - Have fun! I mean whats the purpose of a club like this if its not to have a good time. The guidelines here are just to try and ensure that everyone can have fun playing. I can't wait to see what directions the game goes in!

These guidelines may also be found in Message 18

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