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Fan Fictions by Lady Robyn

Hello there, welcome to my page of fan fictions. Please enjoy your stay. I am now accepting fan fictions by other people. If you would like to see your work posted here just drop me an e-mail. (Click the little animated letter just below) If you are sending in your work please include the following
Your Name (or pen name)
Your e-mail
Title of the Fic
If you wish to you can send me an e-mail. I'd Love to know what you think of my writing. If you feel the need to flame then go ahead. I could use a little bit of humor in my life ^_^ Flames will be laughed and then deleted. But Please feel free to send me an e-mail. I'd love it!

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And now, what you really came here for (I hope ^_^) The fan fics.

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My Gundam Wing Image Gallery, mostly 1x2... hmmm actually I think its all 1x2 ^_^ Be warned there are yaoi pictures in here. If you don't like yaoi then DONT CLICK HERE!!!! Otherwise, proceed and enjoy!

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