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Welcome to the Warriors of Ånarchy alliance. We are a very new clan but we do have very powerful members.We have 6 places in our alliance, and 3 of them are taken! So if you want to join, you better do it soon! Because soon the spaces will be taken up.Yet the leaders of the alliance (Devestator and Freeze) require a very simple step in joining. Giv us your stats from the HOF please. If you send us a message like we got from some unnamed person that we didn't get a chance to screen shot . " Man, your name rules! and you guys are cool! I am looking for liance. Let me join yours! We do not accecpt these lame excuses of trying to say you are a member.We require your stats! So send them to us or you are nto even considered. If we have sent you mail before that is because we liked what we saw on the HOF. Or we liked what we saw in the games we played.
Warning! If you do send us a lame message about joining. It will be screen shot and we will put it on this page so the rest of us can make fun of you!
In this next section you will find intresting links on how to join, our members, wins/loses etc.Also our newly added information from our members! Enjoy!

Our information secreats finally presented to the public!