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Harald and Sonja - More pictures of the Royal Wedding

His Majesty The King of Norway salutes as he arrives at the Cathedral of Oslo with his future daughter-in-law, Miss Sonja Haraldsen.

Above, a view of the High Altar of the Cathedral of Oslo, during the wedding of HRH The Crown Prince of Norway and Miss Sonja Haraldsen. The Bishop of Oslo, wearing a golden cope, faces the royal couple. On the second picture, the new Crown Princess Sonja curtsies to HM The King of Norway as she prepares to leave the Cathedral of Oslo after her wedding to Crown Prince Harald.

TRH The Crown Prince and The Crown Princess of Norway walk down the nave of the Cathedral of Oslo after their wedding ceremony. Behind them come the bridesmaids and their attendants and then HM The King of Norway and Mrs. Dagny Haraldsen.

Above, the royal couple leaves the Cathedral of Oslo and the Crown Prince salutes. Below, the couple is seen in the black open car, as they prepare to leave for the Palace of Oslo in a procession, during which they were cheered by around 100.000 people.

Above, TRH The Crown Prince and The Crown Princess of Norway go through lines of drummers inside the Royal Palace of Oslo as they proceed to their wedding banquet in the grand dining room. In the second picture, the TRH pose for the official picture of the wedding.

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