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Harald and Sonja - The Wedding Dress

To become Crown Princess of Norway, Miss Sonja Haraldsen designed herself a very simple and simultaneously very elegant wedding dress that caught everyone’s attention from the moment she stepped out of the car with King Olav, in front of the Cathedral of Oslo. The dress, with the skirt opening in form of bell, was made of white silk dress, had long sleeves and the only detail was some discreet pearl embroidery.

The train of the dress hang from the shoulders while the long white veil was placed in the new Crown Princess of Norway’s head. In line with the tradition of Norwegian royal brides but differently from what was already a tradition in the rest of Europe, Miss Haraldsen did not wear a tiara on her wedding day, having only some discreet flowers on her hair.

The Crown Prince wore the blue gala uniform of the Norwegian Army, with the sash of the Grand Cross of the Royal Norwegian Order of St. Olav with star, the star of the Swedish Order of the Seraphim and the star of the Danish Order of the Elephant. The bridesmaids wore light blue long dresses and small bunches of flowers.

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