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Geoff & Sharon went to John and Margaret's. Had coffee. Watched football. Gave web cam and accessories to M.

The flights you need to know about...

The updated itinerary.
This is how you look full screen. It was a few days ago when we spoke before.
This is a nice pic of mum watching you on the screen.
You can also see the small pic of us. That's how we keep track of whether you can see us.
Mum took this pic of flowers in our garden this morning (July 20th 07).
This was my big achievement for the day. I managed to bore holes into the wall and get this TV frame bolted firmly. Then we lifted the TV onto the frame and screwed it all together. The DVD player you gave us is ready to connect but I have to get slightly longer leads first. The TV actually swings out and can be turned in any direction. But so far, it's OK against the wall. We can see it clearly in bed.