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Happy Birthday Alicia.

Here are your birthday Limericks.


There once was a girl from the South,

Who lived near a road known as “Howth”.

T’was in Dublin so fair,

In emerald Eire,

But “Howth” rhymes with “growth” not with “mouth”!


This girl with her husband called Matt,

Moved to Ireland to live in a flat.

But with Skype on the Net,

She’s not lonely yet,

‘Cause she calls up her folks for a chat.


With Matt she began to explore,

All of Clontarf and Dublin and more.

In a pretty red car,

They went wide and far,

And they loved everything that they saw.


The first thing they found was the beer,

They drank ‘til they felt a bit queer.

Said Alicia to Matt,

As they sat in their flat,

“This looks like one hell of a year!”


It’s a joke all that drinking of beer,

Even so, you will have a good year.

In that green land of Eire,

May you do what you dare,

Happy birthday, my daughter, my dear.

Love from Dad.
(But, of course, also from Mum who gave me help with the Limericks.)
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