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This is my tribute to you , Nan Legge
I think about you every day.
I love and miss you
More than words can say!

There is a void that can't be filled
Since you passed away.
Your words of wisdom I still recall
I can still hear you say!

"I live from day to day
And make the best of things.
I pray to God to help me
To cope with what it brings!"

"I do not wallow in self pity
Or worry about things I can't change.
I live my life to the fullest
I try not to complain!"

"God has blessed me with a long life
And good health over the years.
When my time comes to die
Please do not shed any tears!"

I need to say "Thank you, Nan Legge,
For your friendship and your love."
I know that you are watching over me
From Heaven up above!

By: Yvonne Legge