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An old woman now
I still look back
And remember my son
Holding his helmet and pack

"We won!", "We won!"
"We won the war!"
Relieved was I
'Til he knocked at the door

I knew it was bad
When he came to the door
I could tell by his face
My son had died at war

He gave me his sympathy
Then came closer to hug me
But I didn't want the news
I asked him to leave me be

Yet, the soldier couldn't leave
The job had not been done
So he held me in his arms
And told me the death of my son

Didn't want any speeches
Didn't want any lies
I loved my son
And love never dies

Then he gave me what was left
Of my beloved son; pack and old helmet
Then he left the house
Full of genuine regret

My son was only a lad
When he went to war in 1916
Wasted youth, wasted life
He had only been nineteen!

There was no victory
Only the cause of sin
I think about the loss of my son
And the war I didn't win

By: Rydia