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© 2003 By: JD Collins
for Kathy

In 64
We went to war
America’s son
And its daughter.

And we steeled true
We brave few
Who seen it through

In all the seasons
Of disorder

No clear sides
In a raging tide
No flags unfurled
In battle cries.

No time to rue
Or to flutter

By day unseen
The enemy schemes
Waiting the strike
By cover of night

No rest, no truce
Never any quarter

Then slipping away
‘fore break of day

Dawn’s eerie peace
greets the slaughter

With harrowing bursts
told in endless verses
of screaming curses

Gone the gentle hue
of laughter

No saving graces
from fading traces
of forgotten faces

Lost from view
In disaster

No steeles of stones
Contain the groans
Which echoes blew
Faster louder and

Only whispered regrets
of ragged prophets

When no one’s left to laud her.

Dean of RPPS