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They tell you of the glory
Of the heroism strong
Of patriotic soldiers
Destroying all the wrong

And that it's good and right
It's noble and its honest
To go and fight the fight

They tell you it's your duty
To fight to save your king
It's thrilling and it's brave
And all there stand and sing

Not of the sons choking, stumbling
Not of the children groaning, moaning
Not of the fathers crouching, shaking
Not of the thousands lying, rotting

Never of the guns or bombs;
Never of the mud or fear or screaming
Never of the gas like fire
Never of the thousands lying, rotting

Soldiers at the line are screaming
Family in the mud are drowning
Friends are slowly bleeding, dying
Thousands there are lying, rotting

They sit behind there desks
And say that God is on our side
They haven't seen the blood or bombs
Or the millions that have died

Duana Pearson