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This poem is dedicated to any learning disabled person who has been told
that he/she can't succeed. Know that you are understood, and you can do
absolutely anything you set your mind to.


Who are you to look at me
And try to tell me what I can be?
Listen up, you arrogant fool
I can do as well as anyone in school

You may not think I have the skills
Or that I deserve to enjoy life's thrills
But you just listen to me
I'll surprise you, you wait and see

They thought I wouldn't speak
You thought I'd never reach my peak
But look and see, I did it all
I just had to get on the ball

I can fly like a bird, and soar in the sky
You don't need to wonder why
Anyone with determination and a willing heart
Can conquer any math, literature, science, or art

A person can only do
What he or she sets her mind to
I intend to be a success
With lots of hard work, nonetheless

So don't you dare look at me
And try to tell me what I can be
I know what I can be
And I am proud to be me

By: Rydia