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The little girl went to school
Only because she had to, it was the rule
She was the victim of jokes and flames
The other children laughed and called her names

The children were constantly cruel
They thought they were being cool
For they knew how little she had
And that's why they treated her bad

The kids were brats like you've never seen
Every single day they were mean
To the little girl with the dirty face
The little girl they called a disgrace

Then one day she could stand it no more
Crying in shame because she was so poor
The teacher came over and told her to go home
But she had no "home", the streets she did roam

The little girl lived on the street
Because her family could not make ends meet
She had no new clothes and nothing to eat
There weren't even any shoes on her feet

After a while, she found mom and dad
They asked why their daughter looked so sad
She explained the other kids had been cruel
But they told her that she must stay in school

They told her that education's the key
To opening the doors of opportunity
So if the kids make fun of her any more
She must ignore them to escape the life of the poor

The very next day, she went back to school
And she was determined to keep her cool
As the kids tried to make her cry
She held her head up and would not say "die"!

She made up her mind to cut out of the rat race
And she would not let them take the smile off her face
She would get good grades, never slowing her pace
To become a success, never again to be called a disgrace

By: Rydia