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What in the world do you see
When you see my disability?
I'm not a broken doll to be fixed
There is nothing "wrong" with me

Stranger, I don't want your pity
Now, try to understand
It only hurts me more
When you lend a helping hand

"Disabled" doesn't refer to me
'Cause I can manage on my own
"Disabled" means "impossible"
Please just leave me alone

I don't need any help
All things I can do
I may need to work harder
But I'm just as good as you

All I need is some time
And some patience, too
So please just treat me normally
The same way I treat you

So the next time that you see me
Don't look at me in that strange way
Instead of asking how you can help
Ask me, "how are you, today?"

By: Rydia