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A sea of blackness engulfs my body
Then a dazzling light I see,
As I slowly walked towards the light
My soul is overwhelmed with serenity.

After passing through the light
My soul is overjoyed,
Before me I see a golden bridge
That leads to the other side.

There is a village beyond that bridge
I can see the illuminating lights,
There are many beautiful, colored flowers
My eyes behold a glorious sight.

In the village there are Angels
To help me cross to the other side,
To make my transition more comfortable
The Angels they are my guides.

I tried to walk towards the bridge
To enter the village there,
I could not move forward
The Angels would not let me near.

"Please go back! Please go back!"
The Angels voices chorus in rhyme,
There is much you have to do
This is not your time.

When your time comes to die
You will find us waiting here,
Tending to the other souls
With special love and care.

My soul then entered my body
My heart started beating again,
When my deeds on earth are finished
I will return to the village again.

 By:  Yvonne Legge