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My love ones have gathered around my bed
I tried so hard to speak,
To tell them that I love them all
Before I go to sleep.

The words will not pass my lips
For my body is too weak,
So my eyes tell them my thoughts
They see the words, I wish to speak.

My eyes are slowly growing dim
Their faces, I barely see,
I can feel their loving presence
As they gaze down at me.

I can feel the warmth of their touch
As they place their hands on mine,
Lovingly, they kiss my face
We all know, it's almost time.

Their voices sound so far away
I strain my ears to hear,
I know that I am dying
But I have no fear.

The gates of Heaven are opened wide
A beautiful bright light I see,
And just beyond that golden light
Jesus waits for me.

My children, I have to leave you
Please do not weep for me,
Someday we shall be togather
For all eternity.

My family, I love you one and all
And I know that you love me,
I am now in Heaven with the Lord, thy God
Please be happy for me.

By: Yvonne Legge
Dedicated to the memory of Uncle George and Nan Legge!