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The Way I Feel

     I wish that I could change our lives back
     the way they were.
     But both of us we know I can't because
     there is no cure.
     I hate to see you waste your life with
     someone just like me.
     A crippled man who has no life or future
     I can see.
     I wouldn't blame you if you left to have
     better life.
     But baby I'd be very sad losing my loving
    My love for you is very strong your the one
    who keeps me going.
    So "baby" just keep loving me and let our
    keep growing.

BY: Henry Reed



 Feeling  Blue

   I'm sitting here and feeling blue cause that's
   all that I can do.
   I cannot walk I cannot jump I cannot run like
   I try to think of reasons why God made my life
   this way.
   I really feel I don't deserve the life I live
   I need a heart my two legs gone now diabetes
   Each day I struggle just to live like other
   people do.
   I know there's family and there's friends that
   realty relay care.
   And all my feelings and my love I really try to

BY: Henry Reed


Looking out my window

       While sitting by my window one cold and
       blustery night.
       The sky was filled with many stars shining
       very bright.
       The moon was full, and glistening off the
       snow that fell below.
       And the branches in the trees above were
       swaying very slow.
       And as I watched the people walking through
       the park that night.
       I could see how cold they must have felt
       as they walked out of my site.
       So now I close the window blinds and then
       turn out the lights.
       And then I pray to God above to watch us
       one more night.

BY: Henry Reed


Someone new

      When I awoke I was thinking of you
      I couldn't believe you found someone
      I sit here saddened with tears in
      my eyes.
      Thinking of that night we said our
      good byes.
      I know i have to start anew
      But that doesn't matter i'll always
      love you.
      So when you have problems you want
      to share
      Just give me a call I'm a friend
      who cares.

BY: Henry Reed



     My mothers gone and God knows I'm sad
     But she left me memory's for this I am
     She was always there for me.
     When I was sick or scraped my knee.
     She was always loving and kind.
     But she would say what was on her mind.
     Well now she is gone with God to stay.
     I know that I'll see her again someday

BY: Henry Reed

My daughter( I miss you )

Life is very cruel sometimes it can hurt
in many ways.

But when it took your life from us we are
hurting everyday.

We know that heavens where you are,
that's where all angels go.

Why God took you so very young I guess
we'll never know.

My health I feel is getting worse there
is nothing they can do.

I still have faith in God above and know
I'll be with you.

I know your life is better now God
took your pain away.

I hope some how you know how much,
we miss you everyday.

BY: Henry Reed