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Grandmother Higdon, although we have met
I was too young to remember you, but yet;
I feel you are with me wherever I go
What a feeling of contentment, it comforts me so.

I was just seven months old when you passed away
My father, he told me about that sad day,
How my mother found you lying so peaceful and still
The angels came and took you, it was God's will.

You knew you were going to die and soon
You refused to let Gloria sleep in your room,
Since Gloria's birth, she have slept in your bed
But that night you insisted Dad and Mom take her instead.

During that night Gloria was restless and confused
She found it strange sleeping in a different room,
She wandered around searching for you
Calling your name, too young to know what to do.

Dad asked Mom the next morning
"Why is Mother so quiet?"
She went upstairs to check, to see if you were all right
Only to find that you have died the previous night.

The stories my Father tells me pleases me so
The things you liked to do, the places you like to go,
I want to know everything there is to know
What your life was like so long ago.

Your sister, Naomi would visit you at times
The lid of your pot she would lift to find,
What you were cooking and sample a taste
You could tell if she liked by the expression on her face.

Whenever company came to visit, they would know
They would have to have a lunch before they go,
Nobody ever left Grandmother's house without something to eat
They would have a cup of tea with something sweet.

You had eleven precious children,but God took six of them home
William, John, Heber, Walter, Louisa and Garfield, they are not alone;
Your heart was shattered and broken by grief
But knowing they are in Heaven gave you some relief.

For you, life was a hardship
That had taken its toll,
But you never once gave up
You held on with a firm hold.

When Grandfather Higdon passed away
You made a promise that you would keep,
You said, "Don't worry Toppy, I will be with you soon."
"I will join you in that eternal sleep."

Grandmother Higdon , although you are gone
Precious memories of you will forever live on,
You are not forgotten, nor ever will be
Grandmother Higdon, I cherish your memories.

By: Yvonne Legge