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Don't tell me he is missing!
What happened to my child?
How could you borrow him for war
And leave him in the wild
He's mine you know,
I raised him from a seed within my womb
And nurtured him for eighteen years
So you could hide his Tomb?

" I'm sorry" isn't quite enough
To ease my angry heart
Go find him while I suffer
And pray the time is short
You look at me with disbelief
That I would ask again
You may not hope, but I still do
I'm sorry to offend

Go back and bring him home to me
Alive..or in a bag
Just do not lose this son of mine
He's still my precious lad
I pray you listen to my plea
For I shall never sleep
Until he rest within our land
And we can finally weep

By:Dolores Ryan Rutland
July 18, 1999