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This poem is dedicated with great sympathy to anyone who
has endured the hell of constantly being made fun of by
class"mates", bullies, or anyone else. You may be a "loser"
in their spiteful eyes, but at least you're a much better
person than they'll ever be.


The Cruelty of School"mates"

Why can't I just forgive and forget
And not waste my time with hate and regret?
I can never forget what you've done
When you decided to make fun

You brats really thought you were cool
As you walked through the school
You don't even know what you've done
It really hurt when you made fun

I'll always remember our school years
A grown woman now, I have no more tears
I lived in embarrassment and in shame
You heartless jerks were all to blame

Why couldn't you just have left me be?
Oh, no, you came and tortured me
It was the only way for you to fit in
You were just rolling around in your sin

I remember being betrayed by a friend
I never thought I'd lose him in the end
But he was too ashamed to be seen with me
Thanks to you and the rumors that be

There was never any peace from you
Not only in school, but on the street, too
You always had something nasty to say
To make people laugh and look my way

You caused me many different kinds of pain
I held on, but not in vain
See, I have graduated, too
But if only not with you!

At least I'll never have to come back
Forever remembering the kindness you lack
Because I can't forgive and I can't forget
What you lousy b******s will live to regret

I may be a "loser" in your spiteful eyes
But here's where the plain truth lies;
I'm a much better person than you'll ever be
And that is the way that I'll think of me

By: Rydia