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Night into day and day into night.
Time goes by so quickly but never does the fright.
Things that have been seen, usually kept from sight.
This all feels so wrong, but my country says itís right.
As soldiers we are bound by duty to stand up and fight.
Who knows whatís round the corner, who knows what will be my plight.
My thoughts and my feelings to loved ones I do write.
So theyíll know that Iím ok, well maybe no, not quite.
I take no pleasure from this, absolutely no delight.
In fact most days, my reality simply ďBitesĒ
The fear that is within me, I wish I could take flight.
Sometimes I think it easier, to just walk towards the light.
To be shrouded in itís brightness, all the brilliant white.
It all would seem so easy then, maybe I just might.
Sleep an entire evening through without fearing for my life.

BY: Tammi Lavachek