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Today a knock came at my door
I opened the door to see,
Two soldiers in full-dressed uniforms
Standing there before me!

A look of gloom showed on their face
Discomfort in their eyes,
With respect, they removed their hat
And held them by their side!

They politely asked "May we come in?"
I numbly stepped aside,
A feeling of dread chilled my heart
My emotions I could not hide!

"Please be seated!" One soldier said
For we have sad news,
Your son is missing in action
A brave soldier we did lose!

Shock overtook my body
I was filled with grief and pain,
Knowing that my precious son
I may never see again!

They sat there by my side
They tried to comfort me,
But my thoughts were with my son
My son, I longed to see!

A friend came over from next door
Then they arose to leave,
They gave me my son's personal belongings
And left me there to grieve!

Missing In Action
Is what they said,
I do not know
If you are alive or dead!

Oh, my son, my precious son
Where on earth can you be?
I love you more than words can say
Please come home to me!

I will wait for you here
Till my life on earth is done,
Then my soul will search for you
oh, my son, my precious son!

By: Yvonne Legge
Copyright 1999 Yvonne Legge