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The Circle

"The essence of life is struggle and it's goal domination.
There are higher goals and deeper meanings, but they exist
only within the mind of man, The reality of life is war."

From the Way of Power


After a long day of battles Fox Rethgar MacAodhagen and his army proved victorious against Queen Squeek and her regent Swenchen Deeke after accepting our challenge and holding the war the same day.

Our thanks to Swenchen Deeke for the opportunity and a special thanks to our allies who supported us during this campaign.

Looking forward to peaceful feasts and future wars.

The Circle is a private group dedicated to recreating history from the dark ages to the renaissance and various cultures focusing on Celtic and Norse history.

We participate in demonstrations with other reenactments groups for non profit organizations.

We study and recreate aspects of life from the fall of the Roman empire to the early renaissance.

In our first year we have formed a group of armored fighters, period fencers, archers

and members who study and research period clothing, weapons, armor and leather.

Where we are going:

We are continuing to study and research all aspects of the middle ages and the renaissance as we teach young and old about their culture and heritage.

Every year we travel throughout the east coast to various renaissance faires and events competing in battles,tournaments and educating the public.

The First Circle:

Honor- The way a warrior should act with honor. Honor your friends, respect your enemies.

The Second Circle:

Friendship- Without frienship their is no life, a clan needs friendship to function.

The Third Circle:

Loyalty- To your friends and clanmates, at all times no matter the cost.

All three circles need one another to be complete. Without any of the three the Circle will not be complete. All are equal and none are more important then the other.

Council of Seven:

Elder- Sir Aleskander of Meden, Knight of Markland, Armored Combatant,Lord of House Meden.

Chieftain-King Fox Rethgar MacAodhagenKing of All Markland,Ard ri of Cearcall Norse/Celtic Warrior, Armored Combatant, First Knight of the Fianna

Magistrate- Queen Nadua MacAodhagen, Queen of all Markland,Ard Regan of Cearcall. Lady of the Fianna

Archon- Aslynn Draco, Harlequin, Brotherhood of the Griffen

Guardian- Baron Alasdair MacLeod, Baron of Carillion, Lord of the Brotherhood of the Griffen,Circle's Warlord

Lawgiver- Killian the Red, Armored Combatant, celtic warrior, Order of the Fianna

Herald- Madisson Nyteravin, Norse peasant, Order of the Fianna

Tuath of the Circle:

Baroness B'Elanna de Rouge-Baroness of Carillion, Lady of the Brotherhood of the Griffen

Lady Bridgett O'Donnell- Squire to the King, Armored Combatant, Brotherhood of the Griffen

Cedric - New addition to the Circle, Order of the Fianna

Gil Galen MacLir- Pict Warrior, Man at Arms to Fox MacAodhagen, Armored Combatant,Shadow Guard-Order of the Fianna

Lady Kerry MacAodhagen- Royal Blood of England,Order of the Fianna

Lord Ingvar Thorsteinsson"Critter"- Norse mercenary, Squire to Duke Sir Gavin Kilkenny, Brotherhood of the Griffen

Olleron- Warrior from the Norselands, Armored Combatant, Order of the Fianna

Elathan Silvanus- Scribe from Ireland, Order of the Fianna

Lady Gwenhwyvar Silvanus- Wife of Elathan Silvanus, Order of the Fianna

Lady Briona MacKenzie- The Circle's honored Piper, Proud daughter of Scotland,Fianna

Kin Ryu Arashi- Samurai warrior, personal guard to the Queen of Markland, Order of the Fianna

Nicodemos Corbin- Sgt at Arms to Nadua, Warrior for the Brotherhood of the Griffen,Armored Combatant, Harlequin

Auryn Hawke- Fencer from England,Student of Fox MacAodhagen, Duchy of Marr

Lady Tib- Spiritual Advisor to the clan, Rumored to be younger sister to Fox MacAodhagen,Duchy of Marr

DarkAngel- Celtic Warrior from Marr

"To Make a Piper" A poem by Neil Munro given to us by Lady Briona MacKenzie, our most honored piper

"To make a piper go seven years....

At the end of his seven years one born to it
will stand at the start of knowledge, and
leaning a fond ear to the drone he may
have parley with old folks of old affairs
Playing the tune of the "Fairy Harp", he can
hear his forefolk, plaid in his skins, towsy-
headed and terrible, grunting at the oars
and snoring in the caves, he has his own
whittle and club in" The Desperate Battle",
where the white-haired sea rovers are on the shore,
and a stain on the edge of the tide; or,
trying his are on Laments, he can stand by
the cairns of kings, ken the colour of
Fingel's hair, and see the moon-glint on the
hook of Druids".

The Origin of the Circle

We are the Circle, Celtic and Norse warriors fighting against the tyranny of the Norman influence in our homelands.

We have traveled as a clan of assassins for years wreaking havok throughout the lands.

We have conquered all opposition that have crossed our path and have left kingdoms in ashes.

All that changed, (well most of it) when we met a knight of the church Sir Aleskander of Meden, who held lands in Eire (payment for fighting in the crusades). He inspired some of the Circle to fight as warriors with honor and chivalry.

I King Fox Rethgar Mac Aodhagen the first to follow Sir Aleskander's path to chivalry, convinced the Circle (with some Mead and some coersion) to travel to the holy land and fight fining our skills as warriors.

After our warriors returned from the crusades we formed an alliance with a fellow household of warriors "The Brotherhood of the Griffen".

Now the clans of the Alliance, the Circle and allies will continue to fight honorably on the field of battle, with the occasional sacking of a village or kingdom.

For More Information

Interested in joining the Circle or interested in the reeanctment community contact me (Fox) at

Two reenactment groups our members belong to are Markland, and the Society for Creative Anachronism both non-profit educational organizations focusing on recreating the middle ages.

We are a fast growing re-creationalist organization in the Ocean County New Jersey area. We have households of the Circle in Conneticut and New York. If in those areas contact me and the above email address and I will direct you to them.

. Sites of interest-

Markland group of fighters in N.J and P.A focusing on Irish and Scottish medieval history

Markland and SCA group of fighters in Pennsylvania

Markland and S.C.A. group of fighters in Maryland

Companions of the Cross
Markland Group focusing on Medieval Poland and eastern europe

Scarlett Cross
Markland reenactment group located out of Rutgers college

S.C.A Merchant Links
Anything Medieval and renaissance!

Ireland History in Maps

Learning Irish Gaelic- Courtesy of CyberSpoke-Historian and Fellow Biker

Several times a year we travel throughout the east coast fighting in various wars in both Markland and the Society for Creative Anachronism

Below is a picture of us at last year's FallWar where we unite to test our skills against other warrior clans of Markland

For More Information

Warriors of the Circle

From left to right-

King Fox Rethgar MacAodhagen

Nicodemos Corbin

Baron Alasdair MacLeod

Bridgett O'Donnell


Gil Galen MacLir

January 29th 2000-
The Circle became an official Markland group voted in by the fyrd as was Wolves Haven a fighter group in Pennsylvania

Up coming events the Circle will be attending

August 2000- Pennsic War- The Big War! two weeks of medieval life, combat and camping (See S.C.A. web site for details)

August 4-6th 2000 Summer War, Pages Farm Maryland - Fighters tournament for Lord Stanley's shield, archery and various battle scenarios.

September 16-17th 2000 Lakewood Ren Faire, Lakewood NJ SCA Demo (see East kingdom web site for details).

September 23rd,- Feast of Lethargy and first Royal court of the King and Queen of Markland

September 29-Oct 1st- Harvest War sponsonerd by the Barbarian conspiracy, Wedding of the King and Queen of Markland

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