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Native American Style Flutes

*** The Native American Flute ***

Since ancient times, the soulful sound of these flutes has been heard throughout North America. Once used for courting, personal meditation, social occasions, signalling, and in rituals, the Native American flute has assumed a larger role as its beauty and simplicity is becoming recognized wordwide.

Early flutes were crafted by hand and used by their makers. Though many fine flutes are yet made this way, modern tools and methods have greatly aided in creating consistent quality while retaining the distinctive voice and style that these flutes are known for.

The Native American flute is extremely simple to play---even a novice can quickly play simple satisfying melodies. Most Native American flutes incorporate a pentatonic scale and have a range of about one-and-a-third octaves. The pentatonic scale (such as played on the black-only keys of a piano) is used in cultures worldwide and contains only musical intervals that are naturally pleasing to the ear. Even so, these flutes are capable of playing a diatonic (do,re,mi,...) scale using different fingerings.

Raven Flutes are tuned electronically to assure these pleasing intervals and to allow the ability to play with other tuned instruments. They can be crafted in a variety of hard- and soft-woods, in many keys, and in 5- or 6-hole versions. All incorporate a Raven fetish and each flute will include a cloth case and a booklet containing care, use, and fingering instructions.

Raven Flutes are designed for your personal use, whether you want to simply enjoy playing your own music on a simple instrument or or if you intend to use it for relaxation and meditation. Still, they are voiced and tuned suitably to be used as a performance instrument.
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