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Melgin's Keep D&D Page

3rd Edition Logo

A change of approach for D&D at Melgin's Keep

We realised, much to our disappointment, that there is no way we can keep up with all the 3rd Edition news while being fair to all our other readers who don't give a monkey's about D&D. Yeah, we know, they're mad. Still, we decided to scrap the tidbits page, though we're keeping the Character Class overview. We also put up a nice little 3rd Edition Prestige Class, which is still a very early draft and probably very wrong. Still, it's worth a look!

Also under this banner...

The World of Andrecht. The World used by one of our staff.

Our playing groups. See a list of our characters, including backgrounds and anecdotes.

New Races and Classes we have developed. Half-Dragons, bio-engineered Dagashi and Malara, Blademasters and more.

All-time Best D&D cockups. Laugh, cry or cringe at some of the worst things ever to happen in a D&D adventure.

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