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Rod's Magic:TG & Pokemon:TCG Website


  • Hey, this is Rod. I use the names Cmdr. Crovax of GAB Black Lightning Team on GAB and Keaner on MOTL. I currently have 29 refs with GAB and 22 refs with MOTL.

  • You can go to the Black Lightning Team Page to check my refs out!

  • Or you can go to MOTL to check out my refs!

Trading Conditions:
  • You send first if you have less then 20 refs. (Check my ref link for an update)
  • We simusend if you have as many refs as me or more.
  • All cards are NM-M unless otherwise stated. I will be sending cards back that are not in the agreed condition.

Kick Ass Magic:TG & Pokemon Links

Wizards of the Coast Homepage (This site wouldn't be here if it wasn't for them!)
GAB Homepage - Join Now!
The Dojo (Magic)
MOTL Magic On-Line Trading League (Magic)
The Pojo (Pokemon)
The Pokegym (Pokemon)

Thank's for coming in. Try one of the links if you're sick of this place!

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Last updated: June 7th, 2000

This is how many people came here since I started up this page!